Top Questions about Facelifts and other Facial Rejuvenation Techniques

Are all facial rejuvation procedures the same? No, Dr. Farber tailors  each surgery and treatment  to your particular needs. To target the lower face and neck region, Dr. Farber performs a  facelift and/or  necklift to  minimize excess skin, wrinkles, sagging of face and neck as well as jowls and double chin.  Many people come in… Read More »

Are Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Safe?

The short answer is yes: cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery are very much safe and should be considered by anyone looking to correct a physical malady or enhance natural beauty. That being said, the short answer is not exactly telling as to why cosmetic surgery is safe. After all, at its most basic, cosmetic plastic surgery is… Read More »

Bringing Up the Rear: Cosmetic Buttock Enhancement Surgery

Cosmetic buttock enhancement surgery has long been hailed by cosmetic surgery centers as a wonderful plastic surgery option for individuals who might be lacking in rear-end personality. And if you feel that you might be, it’s really nothing to be embarrassed about. Many of us, despite our best efforts to the contrary, despite the countless… Read More »

Cosmetic Surgery Tourism is of Great Concern to Plastic Surgeons

Growing in popularity within the cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery industry is the idea of medical or cosmetic tourism. Cosmetic tourism seeks to entice on two fronts: firstly, purveyors of cosmetic tourism packages will attempt to draw you in with the promise of cost-effective cosmetic surgery, citing prices as much as 50% less than those… Read More »

Breaking Down the Mommy Makeover for South Florida Mothers

The mommy makeover is an increasingly popular option for both expectant and recent mothers everywhere, particularly those who, following a pregnancy, have seen some of the more delicate features exclusive to their bodies fall victim to the realities inherent in child-bearing. And rest assured, there are many uncomfortable realities that, though existing under the umbrella… Read More »