Cheek Augmentation: You Have Options

The phrase “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” is probably a saying you have heard more times than you can count. However, one of the most universally desired traits are well-defined cheekbones. Fabulous bone structure and well-defined cheekbones have always been envied as a characteristic of beauty and femininity. This has caused mid-face… Read More »

Looking Back At 2015

Happy New Year! As we look forward to a wonderful 2016, we look back at what was trending at Farber Plastic Surgery in 2015. Naturally enhanced lips, natural appearing breasts, male facial surgery, and double chin treatments were the hottest trend of 2015 and we expect these trends to continue into 2016. Kylie Jenner got everyone… Read More »

Are Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Safe?

The short answer is yes: cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery are very much safe and should be considered by anyone looking to correct a physical malady or enhance natural beauty. That being said, the short answer is not exactly telling as to why cosmetic surgery is safe. After all, at its most basic, cosmetic plastic surgery is… Read More »

Breaking Down the Mommy Makeover for South Florida Mothers

The mommy makeover is an increasingly popular option for both expectant and recent mothers everywhere, particularly those who, following a pregnancy, have seen some of the more delicate features exclusive to their bodies fall victim to the realities inherent in child-bearing. And rest assured, there are many uncomfortable realities that, though existing under the umbrella… Read More »