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It is perfectly normal to have large or differently sized nipples. Like breasts and areolas (pigmented areas around the nipples), nipples vary widely in shape, color, and size. Large nipple size and asymmetry, however, can potentially cause physical and emotional stress.

Some people, both men and women, may have long, dangling and protruding nipples. In these cases, body-hugging clothing and bras can be uncomfortable to wear. Whether you are at the gym, in a suit, on the beach or in a champagne dress, comfort and confidence are paramount.

If nipple size or asymmetry is a concern, make a consultation appointment with Dr. Farber at Farber Plastic Surgery to discuss the Nipple Reduction surgery options available to you.

What is Nipple Reduction surgery?

Nipple Reduction surgery at Farber Plastic Surgery corrects nipple hypertrophy – enlarged nipples and other epithelial tissues. Often performed in conjunction with other chest or breast procedures, nipple reduction is a procedure with very high patient satisfaction.

What do you desire from a Nipple Reduction?

Being comfortable in our bodies and clothing is a big part of our self-image. Individuals with nipple hypertrophy or uneven nipples often report physical discomfort. More than just uncomfortable, this can negatively impact self-esteem.

Nipple Reduction surgery makes the aesthetics of the breast and chest more appealing and makes clothing more comfortable. During your initial consultation, Dr. Farber may recommend you undertake nipple reduction in conjunction with another procedure.

What other cosmetic procedures frequently accompany a Nipple Reduction?

Breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, and areola reduction are all procedures often recommended in conjunction with Nipple Reduction surgery. These procedures, when done in tandem with a nipple reduction, produce more symmetrical, firm, and youthful breasts — Dr. Farber recommends procedures based on your concerns and desires.

What will your initial consultation include?

If you are considering nipple reduction surgery in Boca Raton, Florida, you can make an appointment to consult with Dr. Farber at Farber Plastic Surgery. During the initial consultation, Dr. Farber will:

  • Learn about your specific goals and reasoning
  • Conduct a thorough examination, which focuses on your unique anatomy and dimensions
  • Discuss both surgical and nonsurgical procedures that will potentially help achieve your goals
  • If surgery is indeed the right choice, Dr. Farber will inform you of the surgical procedures, mainly information regarding general anesthesia
  • Dr. Farber will take preoperative photographs and will organize your tailored surgical plan
  • Any potential risks associated with the surgery will be thoroughly discussed with you
  • You will be encouraged to ask questions of both Dr. Farber and staff concerning nipple reduction and any other procedures of interest
  • You will be provided with an information pack regarding the process. This pack contains a detailed consent form and pre-op and post-op nipple reduction instructions.

What will happen on the day of your Nipple Reduction surgery?

On the day of your procedure, Dr. Farber will answer all of your final questions or concerns. Before our anesthesiologist administers your anesthesia, Dr. Farber will make pre-op markings on your anatomy and carry out extensive checks.

During your procedure, our staff will frequently update family or accompanying persons as to your status and how your procedure is advancing.

As the procedure is performed under a general anesthetic, you will require a friend or family member to assist you on your journey home.

Meet Dr. Farber

Dr. Scott Farber is a fourth-generation physician, and practices as an aesthetic surgeon in Boca Raton, Florida. Having trained and honed his skills at some of the nations’ most prestigious institutions, he is a sought-after surgeon. He aesthetic eye and medical expertise allow him develops personalized treatment plans together with his patients.

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How Is Nipple Reduction Performed?

Nipple Reduction surgery is a relatively simple procedure, usually taking no more than one hour.

Dr. Farber will make a small incision and remove excess tissue from your nipple and areola to reduce the overall size of the area. He then configures the remaining tissue, sculpting the nipple to compliment the size and shape of your breast.

What will your recovery process be like after Nipple Reduction surgery?

Several factors will influence your recovery, primarily the amount of tissue removed and any other procedures performed in tandem with your nipple reduction.

Dr. Farber will have informed you about what to expect during the recovery process, but our staff will likely provide you with a purpose-made post-surgical bra and surgical dressings.

You will likely experience fatigue for the first twenty-four to forty-eight hours after your surgery. As such, you should plan plenty of rest and even a helping hand at home. There may be some bruising and tenderness around your nipple and areola, for which Dr. Farber may prescribe pain medication.

Although Dr. Farber works precisely, scar management will be necessary. Farber Plastic Surgery will provide you with a scar care kit and detailed care instructions. Complete recovery will take up to several weeks, although you will be able to return to work within forty-eight to seventy-two hours after your procedure.

How much will Nipple Reduction surgery in Boca Raton cost?

At Farber Plastic Surgery, financing for your nipple reduction procedure is available. Before your initial appointment, we recommend you contact us using our online form or over the phone. This way, our staff can discuss potential financing options that may be available to you.

After your on-site consultation, Dr. Farber will be able to give you an accurate estimate for your nipple reduction procedure.

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There are numerous associated benefits with taking your physical appearance into your hands. Confidence and comfort within yourself are essential to a healthy, enjoyable lifestyle. Change is beneficial, but not necessarily an easy decision to make.

If you are ready to explore changing some aspects of yourself with a trusted plastic surgeon, reach out to us at Farber Plastic Surgery. We can have an informal phone or email discussion, or you can schedule an appointment to meet the team and discuss what comes next for you.

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