Nipple Reduction

Nipple Reduction in Boca Raton at Farber Plastic Surgery

You have a love/hate relationship with your breasts. You love the size, shape, and natural contours but absolutely hate your nipples. You wear thick bras to hide them, but that only detracts from the beauty of your breasts overall.

What Is Nipple Reduction?

With nipple reduction from Dr. Farber, your nipples are corrected to make them more proportionate with your breasts. The surgery can also correct any imperfections with your areola.


Dr. Farber typically recommends nipple reduction to women who have nipples that are too long or large, as well as nipples that droop. The procedure requires the use of anesthesia, so you should be in good overall health before opting for nipple reduction. Dr. Farber may recommend nipple reduction in conjunction with other breast enhancement procedures, such as breast reduction.

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Dr. Scott Farber is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 10 years of experience who is dedicated to providing each patient with high-quality, personalized care. A Southern Florida native, Dr. Farber is well-versed in the latest surgical and non-surgical procedures and techniques.

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How Is Nipple Reduction Performed?

Dr. Farber removes excess tissue from your nipple and areola to reduce the overall size of the area. He then works with the remaining tissue to sculpt the nipple to be more in balance with the size and shape of your breast.

How Much Does Nipple Reduction Cost in Boca Raton, FL?

Farber Plastic Surgery offers financing, and you may pre-qualify before your first appointment. Your consultation with Dr. Farber and you receive a complete estimate for your nipple reduction after meeting with Dr. Farber.

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On the Road to Recovery

You will be tired for the first few days after your surgery, so you should rest and have someone available to help you at home. You may experience bruising and tenderness and Dr. Farber may prescribe a pain medication to help you stay comfortable.