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Mommy Makeover in Boca Raton, FL

Nothing beats the joy of a new baby. You can’t smell their heads enough!

As the months turn into years, however, many women struggle with the look of their new, post-baby bodies. Our mommy makeover was designed to restore confidence and appearance after pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. In Boca Raton, FL, Farber Plastic Surgery is redefining the term “mom bod,” and we think you’re going to like what you see.

How Pregnancy Changes the Body

During pregnancy, your body created a new life. Nine months is a short time to transform a tiny embryo into a beautiful baby, ready for life outside of its mother’s body. The rapid changes of pregnancy combined with hormone fluctuations cause of many of the unappreciated changes to the post-partum body.

The abdominal area bears the brunt of many pregnancy-related changes. A baby’s growth stretches the skin. The rapid expansion of the abdomen means stretch marks for most women, and the extreme stretching can permanently alter the skin, so it never fully contracts. Even if you drop your pregnancy weight, you’ll likely have permanent stretch marks and loose skin, lasting souvenirs from your pregnancy experience.

Breast changes are also common. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the breasts expand, sometimes dramatically. After milk production ceases, the stretched-out skin translates to a change in breast shape. Post-pregnancy breasts are generally flatter at the top, with more downward projection, while pre-pregnancy breasts are round and full. Many women also experience nipple and areola changes. The areola may darken and expand. The nipple will also change shape.

Breast and belly changes are some of the most dramatic shifts, but they certainly aren’t the only ones. Women also experience fat gain and changes to their intimate areas after pregnancy and childbirth. Physical changes often bring emotional changes, as women feel less confident and comfortable with their post-baby body appearance.

Most of these pregnancy-related body changes are permanent, unless you receive surgical intervention from an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Scott Farber.

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Our Recommended Treatments for Moms

Personalization is a hallmark of treatment at Farber Plastic Surgery. We see the uniqueness in each patient and customize every procedure to meet your one-of-a-kind needs. Dr. Scott Farber will develop your tailored mommy makeover plan after a detailed consultation. Pregnancy changes every woman, but not always in the same ways. You deserve a treatment designed for you and the unique changes your body experienced.

We can include any of the procedures we offer in your post-pregnancy body restoration plan. The following treatments are top picks for mommy makeovers in Boca Raton:

  • Tummy tuck– Getting your flat tummy back after pregnancy is nearly impossible without a tummy tuck. This procedure removes excess skin and fat from the abdominal area. It also tightens and repairs the abdominal muscles, including diastasis recti, a common post-pregnancy muscle separation.
  • Breast Lift– Restore a rounded and lifted breast appearance with breast lift surgery. This procedure addresses droopy and saggy breasts through tissue reshaping and loose skin removal.You may wish to pair your breast lift with breast augmentation or areola resizing.
  • .Breast augmentation– After pregnancy, many women find that their breasts appear shrunken and deflated. Breast augmentation restores or increases breast volume using implants. We also offer breast augmentation with fat grafting, a procedure that uses a patient’s body fat to add breast volume, either paired with implants or performed alone. Patients frustrated with sagging most often opt for a breast augmentation with lift combination.
  • Bra line back lift: Also known as a torsoplasty, this procedure targets excess, slack skin around your bra strap. A bra line back lift, as an outpatient procedure, contours the area for a taut, youthful appearance. Dr. Farber will use your favorite bra as a guide for placing incisions, which will extend horizontally from the bottom of your right breast to the bottom of your left breast. Once he has eliminated the slack, sagging skin, Dr. Farber tightens and sutures the remaining skin together, creating new contours for your upper back. Immediately after surgery, you will see a remarkable difference. Due to the incisions’ strategic positioning, your bra strap will conceal the resulting scar as it gradually fades.
  • Liposuction: An average woman gains about seven pounds of fat during pregnancy. These fat stores are vital for breastfeeding, but often stick around long after. Liposuction can remove stubborn fat pockets from areas like the abdomen, waist, hips, and thighs. This treatment isn’t for weight loss but is very effective for sculpting problem areas. If you can’t seem to shake that post-baby bulge through diet and exercise, ask us about liposuction.
  • Botox®: Smooth expression lines with Botox. We often use this injectable product to treat crow’s feet, frown lines, and forehead creases. Being a mom is hard work, but your appearance doesn’t have to show it.
  • Injectable fillers: Refresh a tired appearance with injectable fillers. We offer a full line of some of the most effective filler products available and expertly inject them for a smooth, natural-looking appearance.
  • Vaginal rejuvenation: We offer vaginoplasty and labiaplasty, two surgical procedures designed to rejuvenate and restore the feminine areas after pregnancy and childbirth.

Your mommy makeover may include some or all of the procedures on this list. Come to your consultation ready to discuss your desires for post-pregnancy rejuvenation. Dr. Farber will work with you to create a customized surgical plan.

Meet Dr. Farber

Dr. Scott Farber is a fourth-generation physician, and practices as an aesthetic surgeon in Boca Raton, Florida. Having trained and honed his skills at some of the nations’ most prestigious institutions, he is a sought-after surgeon. He aesthetic eye and medical expertise allow him develops personalized treatment plans together with his patients.

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Am I Ready for a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover provides a dramatic transformation to your post-baby body. Timing it right is essential for the best results. It’s never too late for your mommy makeover. If you’re healthy enough for surgery, you’re likely a good candidate. We’ve helped women with kids in their teens rediscover their pre-pregnancy curves. The risk of waiting is not getting to enjoy your results now. We want you to love your body today, tomorrow, and forever.

However, it is possible to receive a mommy makeover too soon. Every pregnancy changes the body with every pregnancy, whether it’s your first baby or your fifth. If you have a mommy makeover now and later have another baby, those post-pregnancy body changes will likely return. We recommend waiting to schedule your surgery until you’re finished breastfeeding and are no longer anticipating future pregnancies. Pregnancy is safe after a mommy makeover, but not recommended for aesthetic purposes.

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Help is essential after any surgery, especially if you have young children. Patients must avoid heavy lifting for several weeks after a mommy makeover. Arrange for help with childcare if you have small children.

Mommy Makeover FAQs

Mommy makeover refers to a combination of procedures that incorporates rejuvenation of the breast and body to return patients to their pre-pregnancy or younger body.  Dr. Farber takes an individual approach towards each patient to first design a unique and aesthetic treatment plan for each patient, then meticulously and artistically puts this plan into action.

Pregnancy can cause many changes in a woman’s body. If you are planning on getting pregnant within the next several years, it might be beneficial to hold off on a mommy makeover procedure. However, if you do not have immediate plans to get pregnant, you can undergo a mommy makeover. These procedures help patients begin to feel better about themselves by regaining their pre-pregnancy bodies.

After having children, your body will undergo many changes to try and regain its pre-pregnancy shape in terms of skin tightening and weight loss. Dr. Farber recommends waiting until your weight and breast size are stable before undergoing a mommy makeover procedure, which usually occurs around six months following pregnancy.

Patients will usually return to normal activities at one to two weeks post-procedure and can resume exercise and all physical activity at six weeks after their procedure.

A good candidate for a mommy makeover is a woman who has lost volume in her breasts and has deflation or droopiness of breasts in addition to excess fat of the abdomen, flanks, and love handles, loose skin, or weakened abdominal muscle tone. These symptoms occur with weight loss or gain and post-pregnancy as women get older and lose skin elasticity.

Dr. Farber will develop an individualized treatment plan based on each patient’s aesthetic goals and desires. He will often combine breast and body procedures to minimize downtime and recovery while improving multiple areas of the body to achieve the best results. After their consultation, his patient care coordinator meets with patients to discuss all aspects of preparing for surgery, costs related to the procedures, and what to expect during the recovery period.

The procedure’s length will vary based on what surgeries you are having.

Dr. Farber will develop an individualized treatment plan based on each patient’s aesthetic goals & desires. He will oftentimes combine breast and body procedures to minimize downtime and recovery while improving multiple areas of the body to achieve the best results.

The best age for a mommy makeover typically depends on individual circumstances rather than a specific age. It’s ideal for women who have completed childbearing and breastfeeding, as these factors can influence the longevity and effectiveness of the results. Many women choose to undergo this procedure in their late 20s to late 40s.

The ideal weight for a mommy makeover depends on the individual, but it is generally a weight the patients can maintain easily and close to one’s ideal body weight. Being at a stable weight that you feel you can maintain will help ensure the results are lasting. Significant weight fluctuations after the surgery can affect the outcomes negatively.

No, 40 is not too old for a mommy makeover. Many women in their 40s and even 50s have successfully undergone mommy makeovers. The most important factors are general health and having realistic expectations about the results.

The number of dress or pant sizes someone might lose after a mommy makeover can vary significantly based on the individual and the specific procedures performed (such as liposuction, tummy tuck, etc.). The goal of the surgery is to contour and tighten, so while weight loss may be minimal, the change in body shape can be quite significant.

Moderate coffee consumption is typically okay up to a certain point before and after surgery, but it’s important to follow specific pre- and post-operative care instructions provided by the surgeon. It is often recommended to avoid caffeine close to the surgery date as it can affect blood pressure and hydration levels.

Your Mommy Makeover in Boca Raton, FL

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There are numerous associated benefits with taking your physical appearance into your hands. Confidence and comfort within yourself are essential to a healthy, enjoyable lifestyle. Change is beneficial, but not necessarily an easy decision to make.

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