Eyebrow Lift

Eyebrow Lift in Boca Raton & Palm Beach County at Farber Plastic Surgery

What is an Eyebrow Lift?

A eyebrow lift, sometimes called a forehead lift, is a popular cosmetic procedure designed to reduce lines on the forehead and tighten sagging eyebrows to return a youthful radiance to your eye area.

Benefits of an Eyebrow Lift

  • Eliminates horizontal wrinkles that span the forehead
  • Reduces frown lines between eyebrows
  • Raises eyebrows to a more youthful position
  • Helps decrease puffy upper eyelids and hooding

Take a look at eyebrow lifts that patients just like you have received from Dr. Farber. See for yourself how this small surgical procedure has made a huge difference for so many, and can not only make you look younger but more vibrant and beautiful than ever.

eyebrow lift before and after on a female patient in Boca Raton
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How is an Eyebrow Lift Performed?

The eyebrow lift procedure begins with an incision around your hairline, sometimes extending down towards the ears. This is designed based upon your unique forehead area to best hide any visible scars. Excess skin or fat can then be removed in areas where wrinkles and puffiness need to be eliminated, and the underlying tissues and muscles can be tightened. Depending on what is best for your specific needs, an endoscope may be used to achieve similar results with smaller incisions. Once skin is replaced and the eyebrows are re-positioned, all incisions are closed with sutures. The full eyebrow lift procedure typically only takes between one and two hours to perform.

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Dr. Scott Farber is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 10 years of experience who is dedicated to providing each patient with high-quality, personalized care. A Southern Florida native, Dr. Farber is well-versed in the latest surgical and non-surgical procedures and techniques.

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Preparing for an Eyebrow Lift

Your surgeon will give you a full list of instructions before your procedure so that you can prepare for a healthy and comfortable recovery. Typically, it is best to avoid smoking for up to four weeks before surgery and halt any medications that can thin the blood, whether prescription or over the counter, as well as refraining from taking any vitamins, herbs, or dietary supplements. It is also recommended that you prepare your home environment for recovery beforehand so that you will have the medication and supplies that you need to heal in comfort. Be sure not to eat or drink anything beginning at midnight the day your surgery is scheduled, and arrange for someone to transport you to and from the Farber Plastic Surgery offices.

Eyebrow Lift Recovery

Before your procedure begins, you will be given guidelines to follow to aid in brow lift recovery. You can expect to wear bandages for the first couple of days and should keep your head elevated with pillows as well. Follow the instructions your surgeon gives you regarding how to take your pain medication, apply any ointments prescribed, and use ice packs to minimize any swelling that may occur. Avoid strenuous activities such as exercise for up to two weeks. You will likely be able to return to normal routine after seven to ten days, and stitches will be removed in one to two weeks.

How Much Does an Eyebrow Lift Cost?

The cost of most cosmetic procedures varies from patient to patient, based on your unique physique and the extent of surgery needed to meet your goals. The eyebrow lift cost at Farber Plastic Surgery in Boca Raton can be best determined through a friendly consultation with Dr. Farber. To receive the most accurate estimate, don’t hesitate to schedule a initial consultation with Dr. Farber at (561) 503-2700 or contact us here.

Is a Eyebrow Lift Right for Me?

If you are sick of looking tired, aged, or weathered due to wrinkles on your forehead, drooping upper eyelids, or laugh lines between your eyebrows, a brow lift may be just the answer to regain a vibrant and youthful appearance. The best way to determine whether you are a candidate for eyebrow lift surgery is through a friendly and thorough consultation with an expert surgeon Dr. Scott. T. Faber. Contact us now to take control of your quality of life and improve your appearance, starting with a personalized plan to rejuvenate your eyebrow and eye area.

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