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The world’s greatest artists, both contemporary and classic, are not only masters in their chosen medium, but they also share an appreciation and craftsmanship in composition. The human eye is naturally drawn to compositions that are considered “pleasing” in style, proportion, and subject matter, and disproportionate compositions stop the eye from moving through the piece, ultimately causing the artist’s vision to be lost.

The human body is considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful forms, and like art, proportions play an important role in the overall effect. A woman’s body is considered pleasing when her body type, hips, waist, and breasts create a natural balance. When your proportions do not work in harmony, however, attention is fixated on the area that seems out of place, and for many woman, the most troubling area is the breasts.

Breast enhancement has matured as a cosmetic procedure, and newer plastic surgeons recognize that breast enhancement is best used to restore the balance of a woman’s body, whether your breasts are too small, too large, asymmetrical, or sagging. Dr. Farber shares this approach to breast enhancement and looks forward to improving your proportions so that people appreciate all of your beautiful curves.

Dr. Farber specializes in the following breast enhancement procedures:

  • Breast Augmentation is one of the most commonly requested breast procedures and fastest-growing plastic surgery procedures sought in America. Breast augmentation is carried out to increase the size and enhance a woman’s breasts using implants.
  • Breast Implant Exchange is a breast revision surgery involving exchanging breast implants to reduce the risk of complications or change the breasts’ aesthetic appearance. It consists in removing the old implants and introducing new ones.
  • Breast Lift  also known as mastopexy or breast augmentation mastopexy, is breast revision surgery that lifts the breasts to reshape them, making them perky and firm. The process involves removing excess skin, which lifts the breasts and areolas higher on the chest wall.
  • Breast Reduction is one of the most common breast revision surgeries performed in the United States. The procedure reduces the size and weight of large breasts, allowing women to become more active and able to wear clothing better suited for their body size.
  • Fat Grafting also known as adipose tissue transfer, is a breast revision procedure in which fat is taken from other areas and transferred to the breasts. The technique produces natural-looking, long-lasting results with the patient’s own tissue.
  • Nipple Reduction (Inverted Nipple Repair) also known as inverted nipple repair, corrects nipple hypertrophy – enlarged nipples and other epithelial tissues – which can be uncomfortable and negatively impact self-esteem. The procedure provides patients with improved breast symmetry and overall appearance and function of the nipples.
  • Revision Breast Surgery addresses issues with breast implants, either due to their initial placement, size, or complications caused by the primary procedure. Revision breast surgery is always more challenging than the initial surgery, which means it’s essential you choose a highly experience plastic surgeon to perform your revision breast surgery. 

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