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At one time not so long ago, you proudly showed off your figure. But age, childbirth, weight loss, or heredity have left you with sagging skin, pockets of fat, and little to no muscle tone. Somewhere underneath excess skin and unwanted fat is the body you once enjoyed. Body contouring by Dr. Farber helps you transform stubborn bumps and bulges into shapelier, sexier curves.

Dr. Farber specializes in the following body contouring procedures:

  • Arm Lift Wear sleeveless blouses and spaghetti straps with sleeker, more toned upper arms and a boost of self-confidence. Learn more.
  • Body Lift Have you lost significant weight, but still struggle with hanging, uncomfortable excess skin? A body lift finishes what your weight loss plan started, contouring your body by removing excess skin. Learn more.
  • Halo Lift Eliminate excess fat, loose skin, and dimpling in the tummy, abdomen, or lateral thigh region with a Halo Lift body lift for a silhouette you can be proud of. Learn more.
  • Liposuction For stubborn pockets of fat diet and exercise seem to ignore, liposuction can tone multiple areas. Learn more.
  • Mommy Makeover A comprehensive body contouring procedure that addresses pregnancy and breastfeeding issues on the breasts, belly, and other problem areas. Learn more.
  • Brazilian Butt Lift Lift that sagging derriere with a body shaping procedure that will lift drooping buttocks into a shapelier, curvier rear for bikini bottoms and tight jeans. Learn more.
  • Post-Bariatric Surgery After losing a dramatic amount of weight, you may still struggle with loose skin that can be embarrassing and painful. Look and feel your best with this fantastic body sculpting treatment. Learn more.
  • Thigh Lift Take your leg appearance to the next level and show off from the thigh to the knee by improving your legs’ natural shape. Learn more.
  • Tummy Tuck Remove excess skin and fat and reinforce the abdominal wall with abdominoplasty to reshape your tummy into a taut, sleek, and slender midsection. Learn more.
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation If you’re unhappy with the appearance or function of your vagina and labia, this feminine enhancement will increase comfort and heighten pleasure during your most intimate moments. Learn more.
  • Re-Operative Cosmetic Surgery
  • Repair of Congenital Defects

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