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Breast Revision Surgery in Boca Raton, FL

Cosmetic breast surgery is one of the top procedures performed at Farber Plastic Surgery. We believe that continual practice is the key to beautiful plastic surgery results and are delighted that so many patients trust us with their breast augmentations, breast reductions, and breast lift procedures. We perform these procedures regularly and achieve consistently beautiful results.

Unfortunately, not every doctor offering breast surgery is as experienced and practiced as Dr. Farber. If you’ve received breast surgery elsewhere with unsatisfactory results, Dr. Farber can restore your breasts and your confidence. Breast revision surgery offers a redo for prior breast surgeries. It reshapes and reforms the breasts, addresses asymmetry, and treats complications like capsular contracture. Breast revision is also used to rejuvenate aging or sagging breasts after a previous breast surgery, or to change implant size or type.

Revision surgeries are always more complex than a first-time procedure. Dealing with scar tissue and damage from prior surgeries requires a highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon. Dr. Farber is a board-certified, fellowship trained plastic surgeon with many years of breast surgery experience, including revision surgery. He helps women from across Southeast Florida, and around the world, to feel confident in their breast appearance again.  

If you’re dreaming of a breast surgery do-over, call our office at 561-503-2700 to schedule a personalized breast revision consultation at our boutique practice, Farber Plastic Surgery.

Reasons for Breast Revision Surgery

Revision surgery after breast augmentation is more common than revision surgery for breast lift or reduction, although we do offer all these procedures. The primary reason for an increased number of corrective surgeries after breast augmentation is the implants. Breast implants are long lasting, but they don’t last forever. We tell our first-time breast augmentation patients to plan on a revision surgery or two when getting their implants initially.

When is breast revision needed? We tell our patients to come see us if they are unhappy with their breast appearance, if they are experiencing discomfort in their breasts,  or if their implants are over 10 years old. A board-certified plastic surgeon can provide a lot more information than an internet search and is invaluable for learning about options and solutions. Common reasons for considering breast revision surgery include:

  • Size Change– Size changes are the top reason for breast implant exchange and revision surgery. As you age, your aesthetic desires may change. Many women find themselves wanting larger or smaller breast implants as the year go by. After breast reduction, a size change may be needed if your breasts continue to grow or if you realize that you should’ve gone smaller with your initial surgery.
  • Capsular Contracture– Capsular contracture is a breast augmentation complication that occurs when the scar tissue surrounding the implant hardens and contracts, causing pain, discomfort, and breast shape changes. Revision surgery will remove the problematic tissue, replace the implant, and alleviate the symptoms of capsular contracture.
  • Implant Positioning Problems– Inexperienced breast surgeons often struggle with implant positioning. The implants may be placed too high on the chest wall, too low, too close together, or unevenly. Revision surgery improves implant placement for a more natural, symmetrical breast appearance.
  • Asymmetry– Some women choose breast augmentation or reduction to correct congenital asymmetry; others may develop asymmetry as a result of a previously performed surgery. Breast revision surgery addresses asymmetry, using tissue excision, implants, and other techniques to achieve breasts that are similar in size and appearance. Remember, perfectly symmetrical breasts don’t exist in nature or after breast surgery. The goal of breast surgery is similar breasts, not identical.
  • Sagging– Breast implants don’t correct breast sagging. Many women receive breast augmentation to alleviate sagging breasts, and find themselves disappointed by their larger, sagging breasts. A revision procedure can lift sagging tissues and reform the breast shape.
  • Post-Pregnancy or Weight Loss Breast Changes– Pregnancy causes significant breast changes for many women, prior breast surgery or not. Many women require a breast revision, lift, reduction, or augmentation after pregnancy to restore breast appearance. Breast surgery is almost always included in our mommy makeover procedures.
  • Unsatisfactory Results from Prior Breast Surgery– The most important decision you’ll make in breast surgery is your choice of surgeon. Many of our breast revisions are performed to repair damage caused by an inexperienced surgeon without proper training in breast surgery.

If your prior breast surgery left you with unsatisfactory results, come see us for a do-over. Dr. Farber is a highly experienced breast revision surgeon and can skillfully address both simple and complex issues arising from previous surgeries.

Revision breast surgery before and after
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What to Expect from Breast Revision Surgery in Boca Raton, FL

With so many reasons for revision surgery, no two procedures look the same. Dr. Farber believes in a personalized treatment approach. He’ll carefully examine your breasts, talk with you about what went wrong, and work with you to find solutions.

Since revision surgery is very personalized, we can’t tell you here what will happen during your procedure. We do want you to have this information and to understand your options. We encourage you to come in for a consultation. After an examination, we can provide detailed information about the surgery and recovery process after breast revision surgery.

Breast revision is more complex than a first-time surgery. Dr. Farber is trained and experienced in breast enhancement and repair techniques. He often uses acellular dermal matrices, like StratticeTM, to provide additional support to breasts in revision procedures. Surgical mesh acts as an internal bra, holding and supporting implants and breast tissues from within. He also uses advanced surgical tools and techniques, including the Keller Funnel, to reduce complications and the likelihood of future revision surgeries.

Meet Dr. Farber

Dr. Scott Farber is a fourth-generation physician, and practices as an aesthetic surgeon in Boca Raton, Florida. Having trained and honed his skills at some of the nations’ most prestigious institutions, he is a sought-after surgeon. He aesthetic eye and medical expertise allow him develops personalized treatment plans together with his patients.

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Preparing for Your Breast Revision Consultation

Breast revision is complex, both emotionally and physically. When you’ve already had one surgery with a poor outcome, you may be apprehensive about jumping into another. You don’t have to commit to anything today. Just give us a call and get more information. Our consultations allow patients to explore their possibilities with a board-certified plastic surgeon as their guide. We are advocates of  patient education and welcome questions.

As you get ready for your consultation, grab a paper and take notes. Write your questions down so you don’t forget them. Come ready to talk about your breasts, the problems with your last surgery, and what you hope to achieve from your breast revision procedure.

If you can, bring your surgical records from your previous breast surgeries. A detailed record of any breast surgeries gives Dr. Farber a better idea of what to expect once he opens the breasts and can help him plan your surgery and minimize unexpected difficulties in the operating room.

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There are numerous associated benefits with taking your physical appearance into your hands. Confidence and comfort within yourself are essential to a healthy, enjoyable lifestyle. Change is beneficial, but not necessarily an easy decision to make.

If you are ready to explore changing some aspects of yourself with a trusted plastic surgeon, reach out to us at Farber Plastic Surgery. We can have an informal phone or email discussion, or you can schedule an appointment to meet the team and discuss what comes next for you.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you become the best version of yourself  you can be!


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