Bringing Up the Rear: Cosmetic Buttock Enhancement Surgery

Cosmetic buttock enhancement surgery has long been hailed by cosmetic surgery centers as a wonderful plastic surgery option for individuals who might be lacking in rear-end personality. And if you feel that you might be, it’s really nothing to be embarrassed about. Many of us, despite our best efforts to the contrary, despite the countless squats and lunges and hours of pilates, simply can’t make up for our genetic propensities.

To make matters tougher, we live in South Florida. No matter where you look, you see a wonderful hodgepodge of what the Brazilians refer to as bundas walking past: swaying to and fro, exquisite in shape, contour, firmness, and bounce.

Indeed, we’re not all born with shapely rear ends, but thanks to cosmetic buttock enhancement surgery, we’re no longer fettered by our minute shortcomings. And, what for a while was a maddening sort of “industry secret” that plastic surgeons couldn’t wait to get out, people everywhere are starting to take advantage of the buttock-enhancing plastic surgery options available to them.

The Buttock Enhancement Surgery Numbers are In

Buttock enhancement surgery procedures are on the rise: “According to the Association of Plastic Surgeons, last year some 13.8 million cosmetic operations were carried out in the United States – five percent more than in 2010.” Who knows? You might just be the right candidate to add to an ever-growing list of individuals choosing to leave behind their unshapely behinds and move forward with more pronounced and eye-popping buttocks.

And why shouldn’t you?

Buttock enhancement surgery is fast, easy, and will provide you the size and lift you need to match the rest of your personality.

Simple Buttock Augmentation

The process is pretty straightforward. If you qualify for buttock augmentation, your cosmetic surgeon of choice will undertake it in one of two ways: buttock enhancement can take place by way of silicone implant insertion or through fat grafting. If augmented by implant, an incision will be made where your buttock meets your leg to allow for an implant to be inserted and positioned in a fashion that works to enhance your natural features. If by fat grafting, your plastic surgeon will take some fat from another area on your body (likely your tummy) and apply it to your buttocks surgically to provide for a natural look and feel. Butt enhancement surgery recovery will last about two weeks, during which time you will be advised to stay off your rear.

Personally, we’re glad you’re even considering buttock enhancement surgery, and we would be ecstatic to guide you along your journey toward a shapelier and livelier rear end. If interested in a consultation, please feel free to contact us or stop by our cosmetic surgery center in Boca Raton, Florida. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate the desire for buttocks that better reflect a body’s natural contours, and we look forward to speaking with you about your buttock enhancement options.

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