Breaking Down the Mommy Makeover for South Florida Mothers

The mommy makeover is an increasingly popular option for both expectant and recent mothers everywhere, particularly those who, following a pregnancy, have seen some of the more delicate features exclusive to their bodies fall victim to the realities inherent in childbearing. And rest assured, there are many uncomfortable realities that, though existing under the umbrella of the wonder of childbirth, are uncomfortably associated with pregnancy. The breasts, tummy, vagina, arms, thighs, and even face and neck can all take a big hit from the effects of pregnancy, and the road to their restoration may prove slow and largely unflinching.

Luckily, however, cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, in their growing popularity, have afforded mothers everywhere the opportunity to restore to form their defining and naturally beautiful features.

Highlighting the popularity of the mommy makeover, WebMD reports on the growing occurrence of mommy makeovers nationwide: “While it’s difficult to come by exact numbers for mommy makeovers because it’s a marketing term, not a surgical one, Douglas Mackenzie, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Santa Barbara, Calif., says that mothers are by far his largest demographic. He attributes the trend to our obsession with youth as well as the public’s acceptance of plastic surgery.  Even the numerous television makeover shows, he says, are merely an indication of a boom that began a while back.”

The Mommy Makeover as a South Florida Cosmetic Surgery Paradigm

The mommy makeover incorporates a number of cosmetic surgery procedures, each individualized to tailor to your specific cosmetic surgery needs. Your mommy makeover package may include any of a number (or all) of the following procedures:

The best thing about the mommy makeover is that it’s not a package deal; in other words, it’s not an all-or-nothing proposition. Rather, think of it as a sort of a la carte approach to cosmetic surgery where, upon extensive conferencing with a qualified cosmetic surgeon meant to delineate your specific needs, a cosmetic surgery procedural plan is developed and implemented over time.

If you feel that you may be a candidate for the mommy makeover upon giving birth or if you feel a bit unnerved by the changes you have undergone following a pregnancy, remember: the power to reverse the physical effects of childbearing is in your hands. Please contact our cosmetic surgery center in Boca Raton, Florida for a consultation with Dr. Scott Farber. We’re confident that you will find comfort in our appreciation for the wonderful balance and harmony that can exist between the delicate nature of the female form and the miracle of motherhood.

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