Determining the Right Breast Implant Size

What is the Right Breast Implant Size for Me?

If I have a breast enlargement, what type of appearance do I want to project? How much volume should I add to my breasts, and how will they look when I am dressed?

When considering breast augmentation, you should also ask yourself, “Am I seeking a natural-looking result?” If the answer is yes, you should seek out a Board-certified plastic surgeon who shares the same aesthetic sensibility as you and who has the appropriate training and experience.

You should discuss your goals with your plastic surgeon and listen to what the surgeon has to say. Upon completion of your exam, ask him or her to make a recommendation for a cup size that he thinks your body frame can reasonably hold and what size implants you will need to reach that goal. You can also ask to see before-and-after photos of breast implants or even a video of the procedure.

“Cosmetic breast surgery provides women various options by which to enhance the body’s natural contours and restore some of the more potentially degenerative consequences brought on by both disease and aging,” says Dr. Scott Farber of Farber Plastic Surgery.


Realistic implant sizes are the best choice. It is important to use the right size breast implant because of the way that they are placed, usually below the skin. The amount of skin that you have on your breasts is an important consideration because it will have to accommodate the size of the implant being used.

In selecting the size of a breast implant, you should consider:

  • Do you want a natural look? There are a range of implant volumes that would be considered natural-looking and a volume at which the      upper pole of the breast begins to look unnatural
  • Your lifestyle – If you have a very active lifestyle, larger breasts may get in the way
  • Risks – The larger the breast implants are, the bigger the risk      for complications

Typically, implants do not appear as large as natural breasts do. For example, if you wear a D cup bra, you will look like a C cup in your clothes. Implants also tend to be wider than natural breasts.


This is a contouring surgery and the best profile that is created with an implant matches a patient’s overall figure. It should appear completely plausible that the breasts have not been surgically enhanced. The actual size of the implant is relative to the size of the breast and the size of the patient’s frame.

Breast implants size for small frame – If you have a small frame, implants should not be larger than 2-3 times your current size. Breast implants size for medium frame – If you have a medium frame, you can go a little larger. Breast implants size for larger frame – Women with large frames can go larger as they usually have large breasts.

The Rice Experiment is one way to get a handle on what size breast implant is right for you:

  1. Fill a knee-high stocking with uncooked rice.
  2. Place stocking inside unpadded bra and try it for size. You can add or subtract rice on different sizes.
  3. Try on clothes to see how you will look with larger breasts. Pay attention to how the fuller bust line looks compared to the rest of your figure. Is it in proportion?
  4. At the consultation, your plastic surgeon will have actual breast implants that you can try on during your visit.

An experienced Board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in breast enhancement can evaluate your anatomy and take accurate measurements of your chest to determine the proper proportions for your frame. The consultation should be a give-and-take arrangement that is open and honest, and both of you should agree on the best aesthetic result for you. Consult your plastic surgeon with your questions and take the first step to fulfilling your dreams. If you are in West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami or anywhere in South Florida, schedule an appointment with Farber Plastic Surgery in Boca Raton by calling (561) 503-2700 or clicking here.

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