Plastic Surgeons Everywhere Bear Witness as More Men Opt for Cosmetic Surgery

The numbers don’t lie long stigmatized as an option for women and women alone, cosmetic and plastic surgery have slowly become popular among men the world over. Part of a large shift toward male appreciation for cosmetic surgery – as seen by the $495.5 million in yearly cosmetics sales – more and more, men are seeking out qualified cosmetic surgeons capable of performing the cosmetic procedures of their choosing.

Male Cosmetic Surgery on an Upward Trend (condense paragraph to one line)

The streets of Seoul, South Korea, densely populated and infused with a sort of male bravado that can be traced back through the country’s history, is undergoing momentous change. Evidenced by the more than 1,800 plastic surgeons in the country and the countless men-only cosmetic surgery centers popping up among traditional plastic surgery practices, Korean men have broadened their worldview to include an appreciation for the numerous advances made in the cosmetic surgery community.

And we’re happy to see the paradigm-shift gaining traction here at home, too.

In the U.S., it has been reported that, “From 2000 to 2012, the American Board of Plastic Surgery has seen a 258-percent increase in men getting Botox.”. In addition, male facelifts, brow lifts, liposuction breast reduction, and abdominoplasty, have also seen a sharp increase in popularity.

Cosmetic Surgery: Not Just for Women Anymore

Our cosmetic surgery practice in sunny Boca Raton, Florida has known the virtues of plastic surgery for men for quite some time, and we’re ecstatic that society is beginning to embrace the various benefits inherent in cosmetic enhancement. Whether to reverse the effects of aging, to address a genetic disorder, or to simply exude the confidence pervading men, it is obvious that cosmetic surgery is not just for women anymore.

More importantly, beyond cosmetic surgery, we believe this a big step forward as men and women continue to grow, and in so doing, as they continue to grasp that despite our differences, we are alike in our confidences and desires, which is a truth no less than a comforting reality.

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