Choosing the Best Body Contouring Procedure for Your Body Type

Even if you’ve only scratched the surface of body contouring procedures, you’ve likely already noticed how many choices there are.

Each person’s unique body type should determine which treatment is best for them. Whether you have been considering getting liposuction, CoolSculpting, or CoolTone, it is essential to conduct research on the specific procedures and understand the science before undergoing body contouring, whether you choose a surgical or non-surgical option.

In this article, Dr. Farber will discuss what each choice has in store for you and how to determine which one is best for your personal needs.

What Are Body Contouring Procedures?

If you have diligently followed a diet and exercise plan, only to find yourself still struggling with pockets of localized body fat, you may get frustrated with yourself. However, it’s a simple fact of life that spot toning is a myth. That means you can do hundreds of crunches or squats and still have a muffin top or banana rolls. The good news is that you likely have excellent muscle tone under those stubborn fat deposits, and cosmetic help can display it!

Body contouring procedures are a group of cosmetic techniques to remove excess fat and improve your overall appearance. The most frequently performed body contouring procedure is liposuction. However, Dr. Farber offers other options that might suit you better, depending on your goals.


Liposuction is a surgery done to remove higher quantities of fat from larger problem regions, such as the lower back, buttocks, abdomen, and thighs. Performing this surgery involves making small incisions through which Dr. Farber will insert a small tube called a cannula, which he uses to suction out unwanted fat.

While safety reasons limit the amount of body fat Dr. Farber can remove at once, eliminating some unwelcome fat can motivate you to maintain your new shape by re-committing to your nutrition and fitness goals.


CoolSculpting is a minimally invasive procedure that uses low temperatures to destroy fat cells in areas like the buttocks, back, upper arms, and abdomen without stitches, incisions, or healing time.

This procedure is best for people who only have a few areas of excessive fat in their body and those dealing with smaller amounts of fat.


Similar to CoolSculpting, CoolTone uses cold therapy to remove excess fat, but on a more granular level. CoolTone is excellent for people who are close to their ideal physique, but who wish to get better muscle definition. As it passes over your skin, the specially designed CoolTone applicator causes intense muscle contractions, mimicking an intense workout without any sweat on your part.

Body Contouring in Boca Raton, FL

While all three of these techniques can remove undesirable fat from your body’s trouble zones, they are ideal for patients who are already at or near their target weight. While they cannot help you shed a dramatic amount of pounds, they can motivate you to lose more weight and send your self-esteem skyrocketing to new heights.

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