What Are Some of the Most Well-Known Reasons for Breast Reduction Surgery?

Did you know that approximately 80% of women in the U.S. wish they could change the size of their breasts? And while breast augmentation is by far the most popular aesthetic and cosmetic procedure in the U.S., an ever-increasing number of women are choosing breast reduction surgery.

There are numerous reasons women might choose breast reduction surgery, which Dr. Farber discusses in this article.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure that includes removing a portion of breast tissue and reshaping the breasts to reduce their size. Breast reduction surgery can also make the breasts more symmetrical by eliminating excess weight from one or both breasts. Performed under general anesthesia, breast reduction surgery generally takes between 1-2 hours.

Why do Women Choose Breast Reduction Surgery

Some of the most well-known reasons for breast reduction surgery include a change in lifestyle, discomfort from large breasts, or aesthetic reasons.

Discomfort from large breasts

The most common reasons for breast reduction surgery are physical discomfort and medical concerns arising from large breasts. Overly large breasts can cause significant health problems for women, mainly related to back problems, shoulder and neck weakness, poor posture, and large breasts preventing women from exercising and participating in activities.

Change in lifestyle

Women who become more active and begin leading more of an active lifestyle might start to find their large breasts prevent them from enjoying their activities as much as could be done with smaller breasts. As such, women who begin a more active lifestyle might notice the benefits of a reduced cup size, making exercising more accessible and more enjoyable.

Aesthetic reasons

The final prevalent and understandable reason for breast reduction surgery is the aesthetic appeal of smaller, firmer breasts. Larger breasts tend to stretch and droop over time, whereas smaller breasts sit higher on the chest wall in a more youthful position. Breast reduction surgery can also involve removing excess skin to help achieve this youthful breast setting, which is similar to a breast lift.

Breast Reduction Surgery in Boca Raton, FL

Breast reduction surgery is a life-changing decision. Whether you’re looking to enjoy sports or an active lifestyle more easily, you’re experiencing pain and discomfort from your large breasts, or you simply desire a more youthful appearance, breast reduction surgery can help achieve this. Dr. Farber welcomes all patients to arrange a consultation to discuss the options available to you. To do so, contact (561) 503-2700 or fill out this online form to start your journey toward a more confident, empowered you today.

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