Why Breast Lifts Are Becoming More and More Popular

Breast augmentation with implants has consistently been one of America’s most popular cosmetic procedures. Each year, between 190,000-220,000 patients opt for breast augmentation. However, more patients have been opting for a breast lift in recent years instead of breast augmentation.

In this article, industry-leading plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Farber discusses some of the personal and societal reasons why breast lifts are becoming more popular.


Twenty years ago, breast augmentation with implants was made famous by celebrities the likes of Pamela Anderson.

Trim waists, slim legs, and buxom busts were what many perceived to be highly attractive and desirable female physical characteristics, which caused the popularity of breast augmentation to increase dramatically.

Over the past five to ten years, more focus has been placed on a more natural, active physique, with many individuals now gravitating towards a more natural breast size and a more athletic body.

This change in societal opinion is undoubtedly a part of why breast lifts are becoming more popular—the focus is still on the breasts but in a slightly different way.


Many people are now leading incredibly active lifestyles, almost training like semi-professional athletes every week simply because they love that way of life.

Large, implant-induced breasts can hinder or cause discomfort in such a lifestyle, making exercising less enjoyable. As such, to still obtain and maintain youthful, firm breasts that sit high on the chest wall, more people are choosing a breast lift.

The procedure still delivers an aesthetically pleasing breast without introducing foreign materials into the body while still facilitating an active lifestyle.


Gender roles have come a long way in the past two to three decades, and the professional decisions of many women now might reflect their physical appearance and decisions. Without creating an unnatural look, a breast lift can create more natural-looking, aesthetically pleasing breasts, which might be desirable for those in certain professions with specific goals and aspirations.


Why people choose one procedure over another is a highly personalized decision. Nonetheless, it’s important to understand society’s changing perspective of the body as well as that of each individual patient.

A breast lift is a highly satisfactory procedure, and Dr. Farber is a leading surgeon in the field. To further discuss your options, call (561) 503-2700 or complete our online form to arrange your private consultation and start your journey towards looking and feeling your best.

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