Supporting Small Businesses During COVID-19

As a small business owner in Boca Raton, Dr. Farber understands the value of supporting the community in difficult times. Businesses large and small have felt the effects during this difficult time of social distancing and self-isolation. Particularly affected are small-scale operations that rely on person-to-person services and transactions.

People staying at home has caused thousands of people to lose their jobs, as many small businesses lack the cash flow to keep full-time salaried employees on the payroll.

While planned opening times for businesses remain unknown, many small businesses across Florida and the U.S. are at risk of permanent closure. Fortunately, there are several ways you can help keep small companies afloat in your area.

Order Takeout – It’s Safe

Many small businesses are restaurants, and ordering takeout is the best way to support your favorite establishments right now.
Along with offering takeout services, some small restaurants are also selling alcoholic beverages, and up-market grocery goods such as prime cuts of beef, which you can have delivered to you in the safety of your home.

Ordering takeout also keeps delivery drivers employed, providing much-needed financial support to many marginalized workers.

Purchase a DIY Kit or Online Consultation From Your Favorite Med Spa or Salon

Many beauty salons and hairdressers have adapted to the crisis by providing advice over a video consultation.
They can offer their expert knowledge on which products will most effectively give the results you desire, then send you those products with explicit instructions on how to use them for maximum results.

Some stylists are even doing guided walkthroughs, where they can take you step-by-step through the process as you do it yourself at home.

Provide Online and Social Media Support

Online traction has never been more critical – and if you watch a video or appreciate a photograph, don’t forget to interact with that content. Like it, comment on it, share it, and tag businesses where you think could help them.

Engaging with content this way directly encourages visibility and sales. Leaving a positive review on a website, TripAdvisor, Yelp, or Google is also one of the best ways you can quickly boost the reputation of a small business for no cost.
Spread the word, share the love!

Source More of Your Products From Local Artisans

Local artists craft many of the home products you rely on – including soaps, candles, and scented oils – but large convenience chains often out-compete them in price.

By doing a bit of online research, you’ll be surprised to discover incredible handmade products artisans can produce – often far more sustainably and eco-friendlier than big-box stores do.

Consider buying these products from businesses in your area and helping prop up the independent business owners who are in dire need of your purchasing power.

Donate Your Professional Advice With Free Consultations

Many small business owners need accounting, insuring, and legal advice right now to negotiate issues ranging from debts to disputes. If you are a CEO, CFO, or lawyer self-isolating at home, consider calling around to your favorite local businesses, and offer your advice. You’ll be amazed at how much stress and fear your actions could alleviate.

These times are challenging for us all. With more time on our hands to reflect and think about how we allocate our resources, we can mindfully spend our time and money helping local small business owners stay afloat. Together, we can bring the community together, even in times of isolation.

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