C-Section Scar Revision

Approximately 21% of American women opt to deliver their babies via cesarean section, or C-section.

While many C-section operations result in discreet, almost unnoticeable, scars below the underwear line, some women experience scarring that is more pronounced, raised, discolored, or even painful.

Dr. Farber’s advanced scar revision techniques minimize the appearance of C-section scars and make them less prominent. Read on to learn how Dr. Farber can address C-section scarring and provide mothers with rejuvenated lower abdomens.

What Causes Scarring?

Scarring is the result of your body “scrambling” to close any incision as quickly as possible, to avoid infection.

When this happens, the skin cells are no longer uniform in texture, size, shape, or color, which results in a scar. Fortunately, with continual advancements in medical understanding, doctors now understand the mechanisms behind scarring and skin healing and can capitalize on this to reduce unwanted scarring.

Scar Revision Options

The severity of C-section scarring differs between patients. As such, during your initial consultation with Dr. Farber, you will discuss the best possible method for achieving your goals.

For example, some women with less visible scarring may only require the use of topical creams and at-home remedies that aid the skin in healing.

Other cases may require a slightly more hands-on approach with laser treatment, which stimulates collagen production in the skin and repairs the damaged skin cells, so they take on a more uniform appearance.

The final option available to patients with severe and noticeable scarring is revision surgery. During this process, while you are under local anesthesia, Dr. Farber will re-open the C-section scar, then carefully stitch it back together using micro-dissolvable sutures. This process significantly reduces the surface area of the scar and the amount of skin that needs to heal. As a result, when the body closes the new incision, it can do so in a more uniform manner that results in a much less visible scar.

Surgery Downtime

If it turns out the surgical option is the best choice for your needs, there is no cause for alarm. Surgical scar revision is far less invasive and painful than the original C-section surgery.

Dr. Farber will only recommend general anesthesia if you are having your scar revision surgery done in conjunction with another operation, such as a breast augmentation, tummy tuck, or mommy makeover.

The surgery generally takes one to two hours, and patients usually recover within a week. Once the incision from the scar revision surgery has healed, patients can then also opt for laser treatment and topical creams to further reduce the appearance of their scar. We also recommend avoiding excessive sun exposure, which can make scars appear more prominent.

You Deserve to Look and Feel Your Best

Scars are the road map to our lives – and for many people, scars are badges of wisdom and experience. Nonetheless, some scars can affect your self-esteem and quality of life. Fortunately, scar revision surgery with Dr. Farber in his boutique Boca Raton, Florida, clinic offers the ideal solution to those concerned about conspicuous C-section scars.

To discuss your options, don’t hesitate to call Dr. Farber at (561) 503-2700 or fill out his online form to arrange your consultation. You can also arrange an online virtual consultation.

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