New Trends in Plastic Surgery 2015

As 2015 gets underway, new aesthetic surgery trends are emerging. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) just released their annual plastic surgery statistics for 2014. Based on the reports, the demand for plastic surgery continues to rise (up 3% from 2013), with buttock augmentation and male plastic surgery showing the biggest increases.  With the popularity of selfies and social media photo sharing not showing any signs of slowing down, we are still trying to look our best.

What’s Hot?

  1. Fat Grafting: 

Fat grafting involves transferring fat from areas of the body in which you have excess fat and injecting into areas that may be lacking in volume, such as the face, hands, breast, and buttocks. This is a safe procedure with long-lasting results.

  1. Jawline Contouring

New advances in soft-tissue fillers have improved non-surgical facial contouring and facial rejuvenation. As we age, we lose bone in our bodies as well as in our face. The loss of bone causes increased wrinkling and “jowling”. Advanced injectors now have tools such as Voluma® and Radiesse® dermal fillers that can be used to contour the sagging jawline to smooth it and return it to a more youthful appearance.

  1. Natural Lip Augmentation

The “trout-pout” augmented look of lips is OUT and full, natural-looking lips are IN. Think Kylie Jenner not Lisa Rinna. To achieve more natural lips, a board-certified plastic surgeon evaluates the contours of your face along with the natural contours of your lips to fill out the natural curves of your lips in addition to smoothing out any fine lines and wrinkles around the lip. The latest products such as Restylane® Silk, a new addition to the Restylane® family of hyaluronic acid fillers, is hydrophilic and pulls water into the injected area leaving smoother, plumper lips that often give off a dewy glow.

  1. Men are getting more plastic surgery

Men are opting to regain their youthful appearance to compete in the job market, to improve their self-image, and to feel better about their appearance. Popular male plastic surgery focused on minimally invasive and non-surgical treatments such as Botox®, fillers, and laser skin rejuvenation, male breast reductions (increased by 29% since 2000), and liposuction.

  1. Innovation in Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation remains popular with over 286,254 procedures performed by board-certified plastic surgeons in 2014.  Innovation to the style of implants and improvements to the silicone (i.e., the “Gummy Bear Implant”) have led to a resurgence in more natural looking breast implants. The new styles of implants give a range of options from a natural teardrop shape to a more rounded shape with upper breast fullness. Experienced board-certified plastic surgeons are able to tailor the implant to the desired aesthetic of the individual.

What’s on the horizon…

While it’s not available yet, a new topical version of Botox® called Revance is set to make its debut in the next couple years. It will still need to be applied by a medical professional in a doctor’s office, but it will not require needles to inject the product. The jury is still out about whether it can compete with the success of Botox®.

The FDA is in the final stages of approval for ATX-101, an injectable that causes the breakdown of fat cells in the chin. The FDA has only approved its use in the area below the chin called the submental area, where the appearance of a double chin often develops. This procedure can be done in the office and has minimal side effects.  Many people are self-conscious of this area, and a new product to address this concern is likely to be well received.

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