Natural Skin Rejuvenation with Fruits and Vegetables: Tips from a Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon

The age-old saying “you are what you eat” might not have traceable origins, and while most of us understand its core meaning, some of us may not realize it’s possible to detox and rejuvenate your skin with just fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are essential in helping us keep a healthy dietary habit. From improving skin complexion to the obvious internal effects, there are many benefits you can gain from tapping into these two food groups. Your diet not only affects your physical well-being, but your mental state, as well. Knowing which foods to put in your body is essential to having the complete health package and ward off the signs of aging.

A healthy diet should include fiber-rich and alkaline-forming foods. Although processed foods, refined sugars and gluten seem much more readily available and easily consumed in today’s society, a mostly processed, acidic diet can lead to acne, wrinkled skin, constipation and fatigue, among a list of other less-than-desirable effects. Choosing the right fruits and vegetables can not only lead to a tasty diet and healthier lifestyle, but it can also be part of your skin care regimen. Here are the top 4 fruits and vegetables that will leave you looking as fresh and beautiful as you feel.

  1. Lemons – Rejuvenate your skin without greatly impacting your existing diet by      including lemons with every meal. Because lemons go so much better with      water or as a seasoning for salads and seafood, you can obtain all of the      rich citrus nutrients that lemons have to offer without sacrificing some of your other health habits. Acting as a strengthener for liver enzymes, lemons help detoxify your organs and keep your skin complexion healthy and clean. The vitamin C rich fruit also fights wrinkles and keeps your skin rejuvenated. The next time you reach for a cup of tea      or make yourself a salad, add some lemon squeezes for a quick detox of the      skin. For a quick daily detox, squeeze half a lemon into a glass of warm      water and drink it first thing in the morning before any food intake. This      helps regulate your system throughout the day.
  2. Cabbage      – Leafy, green vegetables are typically low in      calories and fat, yet remarkably high in protein, dietary fiber, iron and      calcium. Although they certainly differ from vegetable to vegetable,      cabbage lives up to this healthy attribution more so than most of its      leafy relatives. Containing vitamins A, C and E, cabbage’s high fiber      count is what makes this an attractive detoxifying vegetable for a      beautiful complexion. A      constant cleansing of the body helps fight acne, grease and other skin      disorders before they appear. As such, cabbage can be paired with other      leafy greens to help boost your immune system as well as satiate your      appetite. It goes well in soups, too, so you can create great detox      combinations in liquid form!
  3. Beets      – High in iron and betacyanin, beets are an      antioxidant that supports your liver and lymphatic health. Beets are often      overlooked in terms of a skin detox vegetable. If you’re suffering from      glossy, darkened eyes or have a lot of wrinkles  around the eye area, beets can help cure these common aging symptoms. Because beets      contain betacyanin, digestion of this small vegetable will flush your      lymphatic system and restore the beauty in and around your eyes. Beets      will also cleanse your colon and remove toxins from your body. As a      vegetable that helps detox the body, beets rank high in the health      department.
  4. Dulse –      A hidden delicacy, dulse is dried seaweed that      can help eradicate those dark circles under your eyes. Packed with vitamin      B and electrolytes, dulse helps balance fluids in your kidneys to reduce      some of the water retention that causes wrinkles and darkened, puffy      circles. High in protein and low in sodium despite its salty flavor, dulse      is a great detox solution that can replace salt needed for salads and      other entrees. You can also add this interesting vegetable to soups to add      flavor

Reduce the Signs of Aging

The need for good nutrition is a constant in our lives, and a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables can help detox and rejuvenate your skin. Even after you’ve completed your plastic surgeryfacelift or other anti-aging procedure, remember to keep natural foods nearby to help ward off wrinkles, age spots and other signs of aging. Farber Plastic Surgery proudly carries Obagi Medical products, from rejuvenating skin care creams to acne washes.

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