How YOU Can Optimize Your Surgical Results

While choosing the right board-certified plastic surgeon is a critical step in achieving the best post-surgical results, YOUcan also be a part of achieving your optimum aesthetic goal. Proper nutrition and exercise help in both enhancing your body for surgery as well as helping the healing process post-surgery. In Part 1 of this this 2-part series we will discuss how the foods you eat can help get your body ready for surgery and speed up your recovery process. Part 2 will focus on pre and post-surgery workout regimens to enhance your recovery.

Part 1: What you Eat BEFORE AND AFTER SURGERY Can Help You Heal Faster and get the Best Results

Dr. Farber works with Ideal Meals, a premier, organic, chef-prepared meal service, to devise exclusive nutritional meal plans for pre and post-surgical patients. The head nutritionist at Ideal Meals and Dr. Farber devised an organic, non-GMO, and hormone free  Pre- and Post-Recovery Menu that helps optimize the body for surgery and help heal after surgery. Proper nutrition helps reduce inflammation and aids in recovery. Optimizing your intake of certain vitamins and minerals your body needs through food and nutrition gives your body the best chance of retaining and using the nutrients they provide.

What are some of the ingredients we need to help with wound healing, metabolism, tissue repair and growth, collagen production, and cell renewal?

  • Magnesium is important for combating the physical and mental stress of surgeryMagnesium helps keep your cardiovascular system healthy and helps decrease anxiety.
  • Ingredients in eggs such as Vitamin BSelenium, and Zinc improve immune health and healing.
  • Foods rich in Vitamin A and C helps with the repair of new vessels and act as powerful antioxidants.
  • Arginine found in pork, poultry, and pumpkin seeds aid in wound healing.
  • Pumpkin Seeds are rich in many vitamins and minerals essential for combatting inflammation.



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