Dry Skin: Causes & Treatment

Tips for Managing Dry Skin

Is your skin red, flaky, scaly, rough or even cracking and sometimes bleeding? These are symptoms of suffering from excessive dry skin. With proper skin care treatment, you will look soft and glowing. Dry skin can affect anyone but is more common in the elderly, with higher potential to affect women.

Although the most common area for dry skin is the legs, other common locations are the back, flanks, abdomen, waist, arms and hands. Depending on the type of footwear you choose, your feet may be less prone to dryness. Wearing shoes and socks after bathing keeps moisture on the feet, thus promoting dry skin relief. However, open footwear is a cause of dry skin problems. Dry skin is more common in patients who suffer from neurological disorders, HIV, malignancies, zinc or essential fatty acid deficiency, end stage renal disease, obstructive biliary disease and patients who have had radiation.

Effects of Dry Skin

The skin is the largest organ that covers most of the body and constantly comes in contact with clothing, chemicals, soaps, extreme temperatures as well as all ranges of moisture and dryness. Manifestations of dry skin become more serious as the condition persists and worsens. When the skin is excessively dry:

  • It reddens and develops cracks as a result of a loss of hydration in the epidermis or outer layer of the skin.
  • You may have flaky skin or scaly skin.
  • Dry skin feels rough and uneven.
  • As cracked skin deepens, the cracks form fissures. As the fissures get larger, the erosion causes bleeding.
  • Scratching to relieve eczema can lead to infections and additional skin problems.

The skin also acts as a barrier that protects the body from the influx of external chemicals and compounds and prevents the loss of fluids and electrolytes from the internal environment.

Are you experiencing any of the symptoms of excessive dry skin? A Board-certified plastic surgeon who is an expert in this field can provide treatment for dry skin.


The skin is the primary contact point between the body and the external environment. There are several causes for dry skin and home remedies for dry skin:

  • Air conditioning, which is used excessively in Florida, induces dry air as it removes much of the moisture.
  • Steamy showers dry out the natural oils in the skin. Cleanse in cool water with quick showers as opposed to hot baths.
  • Switch from irritating soaps and cleansers. Use mild, fragrance-free soap that moisturizes as it cleanses.
  • Friction strips the skin and enhances dryness. Go soft when washing, using your hands or a soft wash cloth.
  • You lose shower moisture by scrubbing with a towel after the shower. Towel dry and leave skin a little moist and rub on a rich cream lotion that will

seal the moisture into the skin and create an effective skin barrier.

  • As part of the aging process, hormone levels change and the skin becomes thin and parched.
  • Winter is a peak time for dry skin. When the temperature drops, the humidity levels drop, too, leaving the skin parched. Humidifiers can increase the humidity, or moisture, to a room or house.
  • Avoid irritants, such as rough fabrics, fabric softeners or detergent. Wear clothes made of natural, soft fabrics and use products that indicate they are fragrance-free and dye-free
  • There are a number of recommended products, including skin peels and rejuvenating skin creams, which provides the individual the ability to pamper, renew and restore the skin to its natural balance. Cosmetic surgeons recommend daily skin care toward the preservation of beautiful, youthful-looking skin.

The key to treating dry skin is to monitor your health, as scaly red skin can also be symptomatic of other ailments, such as dermatitis, psoriasis, diabetes or under-active thyroid. If the condition persists, consult a doctor and get the professional expertise to help your skin rejuvenate and glow. Boca Raton cosmetic surgeon Dr. Scott Farber is a skin care specialist and is dedicated to treating clients with a desire to restore, rejuvenate and preserve the striking and enduring beauty that nature perfected in the delicacy of human skin. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Farber, call (561) 503-2700 or click here.

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