Breast Augmentation Consultation Series: Part Two

In Breast Augmentation Part One, we discussed which type of breast implant you will choose (saline vs. silicone) and what size implant you desire (Read Part 1 – link to Part 1). We will go on to examine the next two elements that need to be addressed for each individual patient to achieve an excellent result from breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Enhancement Incision Location:

Dr. Farber will explain to you that there are several locations to choose from with regards to incision placement. This is very important because there will be a light scar left after breast augmentation. It will fade over time, but different locations create different results. The four implant incision locations include:

  • Under the breast. Located in the crease underneath, where the breast meets the rest of the body, this is Dr. Farber’s recommended approach. He asks his clients, “If you needed surgery on the face would you like it on your nose where everyone can see it, or under the chin where it is not noticeable?”
  • Beneath the areola. Located within the edge of the areola , this is not noticeable to most people. But in an intimate situation, this car may be more noticeable.
  • In the armpit. Known in the medical field as a transaxillary approach. This location leaves a scar that is noticeable in clothes. If you are wearing a tank top or strapless dress and you go to reach for something, someone sitting close to you may be able to see these scars.
  • Through the belly button. This is called a transumbilical insertion and is used less frequently.

Now that you have chosen the approach that is best for you, it is time to decide where exactly to place the implant.

Above or Below the Muscle: Where to Place Breast Implants

Dr. Farber wants to tailor everything about your breast enhancement surgery to your personal needs. The fourth decision focuses on where to place the implant. There are pros and cons to choosing either above or below the muscle. Some things for you to consider are as follows:

Below the Muscle:

  • Placing the implant below the muscle makes the end result last longer.
  • There is decreased risk of capsular contracture. (A condition where there is shrinking and tightening of the scar tissue that surrounds the breast implant )
  • There is less rippling.
  • There is less visibility to the edges of the implant.

Above the Muscle:

  • For placement above the muscle, you need to have enough soft tissue to conceal the implant. (Not good for very thin women who lack the soft tissue needed)
  • May alleviate the need for a breast lift.
  • Looks more natural.

Dr. Farber’s ultimate goal is to make women look and feel great about themselves. He wants his patients to leave the breast augmentation experience feeling beautiful, younger, refreshed and excited. To recap, the four-step decision-making process is essential. These choices you must make include:

  1. The type of implant.
  2. The size of implant.
  3. The location of the implant incision.
  4. Placement of the implant above or below the muscle.

Following this breast enhancement plan together, you and Dr. Farber will create an amazing and beautiful brand new you!

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