Does a Revision Breast Surgery Require a Lift?

Breast augmentation is the most frequently requested cosmetic surgery in the U.S. With over 320,000 patients getting implants every year, the procedure’s popularity continues to grow.

Unfortunately, as more patients seek breast augmentation surgery, the number of inexperienced and underqualified surgeons advertising their services as “experts” has increased. This phenomenon results in patients getting results that don’t align with their expectations for the procedure.

For this reason, patients who are considering breast augmentation must consult with an experienced, trained, and professionally affiliated plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Scott Farber.

Dr. Farber is seeing an ever-increasing number of patients not only for breast augmentation, but also for breast revision surgery. Breast revision surgery is the primary choice available to patients who either are not happy with the initial results from breast augmentation or have had implants for many years and feel they need a change.

Let’s look at what breast revision surgery entails and answer a frequently asked question – does a breast revision surgery require a breast lift?

What Does Breast Revision Surgery Fix?

The most common issues that arise with breast augmentation are with the implants themselves and a change of patient life goals.

Either the implants are the wrong size and shape for the woman’s proportions, or her lifestyle changes to the point that the implants no longer suit her desires. Any of these issues lead to patient dissatisfaction and the need for breast revision surgery.

It is essential to note that breast revision surgery is far more complicated than the initial breast augmentation. That’s because the surgeon is dealing with scar tissue and an unknown physique – but fear not, Dr. Farber’s experience and training have equipped him to deal with the challenges.

Breast revision surgery may involve breast implant exchange or breast implant removal. In most cases, removing the initial implants results in a deflated appearance to the breasts, which necessitates a breast lift.

Does Breast Revision Surgery Require a Breast Lift?

As we have discussed, in most breast revision cases, Dr. Farber either removes the implants or replaces them for a smaller size.

Removing larger implants results in reduced internal volume, which leaves stretched, loose skin and breasts that hang low and are not firm.

A breast lift simultaneously solves both these issues.

In a breast lift surgery, your expert surgeon excises excess skin toward the tops of the breasts. Doing so serves several purposes:

  • Pulls the breasts higher on the chest, creating a more youthful placement
  • Creates a firm, youthful breast contour
  • Repositions the nipples and areolas in a forward-facing direction

Breast Revision Surgery in Boca Raton, FL

In conclusion, the general answer is yes. In most breast revision cases, a breast lift is an excellent idea to provide the results most women desire. The one exception to this might be when she wishes to get larger implants, which might not require a breast lift.

Regardless of your desired outcome, you must consult with a highly trained breast revision surgery specialist. To get in touch with Dr. Farber in Boca Raton, call 561-503-2700 or fill out our online form to see how he can help you look and feel your best.

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