Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Boca Raton: Support for Breast Reconstruction After A Mastectomy

Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Boca Raton: Support for Breast Reconstruction After A Mastectomy

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Across the world, brave women (and men) face this disease and come shining through on the other side, even after losing their breasts following mastectomy surgery. These breast cancer survivors have many choices when it comes to breast reconstructive surgery .

Making A Decision On Reconstructive Plastic Surgery? Consider These Points:

  • Reconstructive plastic surgery is not a definite decision move one has to make. It is a choice. Some women do not undergo breast reconstruction following mastectomy and keep their beautiful bodies in that stage for the rest of their lives. Other women want breast reconstruction as soon as possible. It’s all a personal choice.
  • While there are many different options for reconstructive breast surgery, there are also many different opinions from the women making these decisions. viewpoints across the world are okay – loving our beautiful human bodies, however, is probably the best path to complete wellness and peace. No two bodies are identical, and our own uniqueness is what makes each one of us special and makes us shine.
  • Have an open dialogue with your plastic surgeon. Express to him or her what your needs are and how you want to look post-surgery. This partnership of patient / surgeon is critical in creating the most fulfilling outcome.
  • Patients have several options when undergoing breast reconstruction: Reconstruction with the use of breast implants or reconstruction using tissue from another part of their body (autologous tissue flap). In addition, breast reconstruction can be done immediately at the time of a mastectomy or delayed after a mastectomy.
  • Each state has its own health insurance regulations. It would be wise to look into these statutes and be prepared to make informed decisions that are not just based on emotion, but on what is covered and what is not. According to The Huffington Post, one woman had 15 surgeries over nearly 5 years and her HMO paid for all of them.
  • Laughter is the best medicine. There’s a reason for this saying: it’s true! Laughing also raises endorphins and makes us feel good. Watch silly movies, late night talk show hosts, get the girls together for a fun activity, whatever it is that you find funny. And the best part: it’s free!
  • No matter what, never, ever give up! You are your own best advocate.

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