5 Treatments for Radiant, Glowing Skin

Facial treatments enhance all the good features of your skin and eliminate (or at least mask) most facial problems and flaws like wrinkles, acne, scars, and discolorations. At Farber Plastic Surgery, we understand that no two skin types are the same, so we offer different facial medical spa treatments to make your skin look youthful and fresh again!


Botox is the ultimate cosmetic treatment to reverse signs of aging like wrinkles, frowns, and fine lines. Botox injections contain a toxin that temporarily blocks the chemical signals that enable muscle contraction. As a result, the facial muscles that cause the wrinkles and expression lines are relaxed, so your skin looks tight and youthful. Eventually, the effect of the toxin wears off, so you might need to repeat the injections every 4 to 6 months to maintain results. Botox has been used for decades, and nowadays is usually combined with other skin therapies to achieve outstanding results!


Like Botox, dermal fillers are biocompatible substances injected into your face for cosmetic purposes. They might seem similar at first, but they work differently, achieving different results. Fillers do not affect facial muscles (they just fill lines and wrinkles), and they are also used to add volume to remodel areas such as your lips or cheeks. There are various types of dermal fillers, and each of them has a particular indication and lifespan. However, all of them are temporary – how long they last will depend on the type of filler chosen and the facial area where it’s injected.


Microneedling is a simple and quick in-office procedure that can smoothen and slow down the appearance of signs of aging. At Farber Plastic Surgery, we use the Dermapen® system, which uses tiny electric needles to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen in your skin. This treatment causes very little pain or discomfort and requires minimum downtime, so it’s the perfect choice for those patients looking for minimally invasive procedures.


If you are not worried about wrinkles and line expressions and just want your skin to look moisturized and healthy, a chemical peel might be the right choice for you. Chemical peels work by removing layers of dead skin cells so that your body generates new, healthier skin. Dr. Farber uses Blue Peel, a chemical peel that works in the mid-range layers of your skin. This treatment is perfect for refreshing a dull complexion and improving the appearance of age spots, discolorations, and large pores.


Scarring is a physiological process that repairs damaged tissue. Although this process is highly beneficial, as it avoids infections and other complications, it leaves marks on your skin that can affect your facial appearance. Acne, trauma, and surgical interventions are some of the reasons why you might have scars, but they don’t need to last a lifetime. During a scar revision, Dr. Farber examines these marks to evaluate their size, shape, and texture. After getting a clear idea of how to treat the scars, he can indicate a topic cream or an in-office treatment to improve their appearance (or even make them disappear!).


If you’re interested in facial treatments or cosmetic injections in the Boca Raton or Palm Beach County area, schedule a consultation with Dr. Farber, our world-class board-certified plastic surgeon!

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