5 At-Home Exercises to Support Your CoolTone® Procedures

Tighten and tone your body with CoolTone. This new and innovative procedure creates muscle contractions to tone and firm the buttocks, abdomen, and thighs. This device uses 50% more magnetic intensity than its leading competitor, making it one of the most effective options for non-surgical body sculpting available. 

CoolTone is effective and offers results in just four treatments, spaced over a two-week period. Enhance the results of your procedure with these easy, at-home exercises, chosen for their ability to complement CoolTone results.

Focus on the Areas CoolTone Doesn’t Treat

CoolTone can dramatically tighten and tone the mid and lower body, but currently, this treatment isn’t used on the arms. Exercises that tone the arms and chest can enhance the results from your procedure by creating total body toning. 

Since CoolTone offers results without downtime or an extended recovery period, patients can continue to workout and exercise as usual.


Nothing beats a push-up for tightening and toning the arms without equipment. To get into position, you’ll need to get onto the floor, placing your hands just wider than the shoulders with the arms extended, and your feet close together with your toes on the floor. The body should be extended and your legs and back parallel to the floor. 

Slowly lower the body closer to the floor. The elbows will bend as your body moves closer to the floor. Briefly hold your position and then raise, straightening the arms as you move upward. 

Start with three sets of 10, but you can work up to additional sets as you develop strength.

Camel Yoga Pose

Stretch and tone your chest area with the camel pose, a popular yoga position. Get down on your knees with your legs slightly separated. Bend backward and grab your heels with your hands. The shoulders should be over the heels. Open your chest and look upward. 

Hold this position for at least 30 seconds, rest briefly, and repeat.

The Plank

Strengthen your core and your arms with a plank, a popular bodyweight exercise. To perform a plank, you’ll hold your body in a position similar to a push up for as long as possible. You can support your body using your hands or your forearms. The key to a good plank is holding the back straight. 

Once you’ve mastered the traditional plank, try some variations on this popular exercise:

  • Side Plank- Stack your ankles, turn to the side, and extend one arm into the air. Make sure you reverse and perform the same motion on the other side. 
  • Single Leg Plank- While in a traditional plank position, lift one leg. Hold for at least 30 seconds and switch legs. 
  • Single Arm Plank- While in a traditional plank position, lift one arm, transferring your body support into the single arm that remains on the floor. Hold for at least 30 seconds and switch arms. 

We love that planks can tighten and tone the entire body, making this exercise the perfect complement to your CoolTone treatments.

Biceps Curl

You’ll need free-weights to perform a biceps curl. Stand up straight with one weight in each hand. Slowly lift the weights upward toward the shoulder by flexing the elbows. Reverse the movement, moving the weights downward until the arms are straight and fully extended. Move slowly and be controlled with your motions. 

Start with three sets of 10, using a low to moderate weight. Increase weight and number of repetitions as you gain strength.

Overhead Press

Sculpt and shape the arms with an overhead press. For this exercise, you’ll need a set of free-weights. Start with a three to five-pound weight and slowly increase as you gain strength and confidence. 

Stand up straight with your legs slightly separated and knees bent. Hold your dumbbell in each hand. Palms should face forward and elbow down. Hold the weights at shoulder level and slowly extend the arms straight up over the head. Lower the weights back to starting position and repeat. 

Try these exercises to enhance your CoolSculpting results. Call Farber Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation or to learn more.