4 Ways to Get Your Silky-Smooth Legs for Summer

Summer means short shorts, bikini bottoms, floral dresses, and whirling skirts.

To feel and look your best in the breezy summer attire, addressing aesthetic issues such as hard-to-shift pockets of stubborn fat, continual hair growth, and cellulite are concerns that face many women.

Fortunately, there are several simple, minimally invasive cosmetic procedures available that will make enjoying summer as easy as possible.

Here, Dr. Scott Farber offers his top tips on maximizing your looks and confidence with the silkiest legs possible, while minimizing the efforts to do so.

Laser Hair Removal

Spending countless hours shaving with a razor consumes the time that should be spent enjoying the gorgeous summer sun. Because of this, an increasing number of women are realizing the convenience, time-saving, and comfort that comes from putting the razor down and opting for laser hair removal.

When done over a series of treatments, and by an experienced expert, laser hair removal can permanently stop hair growth in areas you don’t want hair. This is because laser hair removal destroys the hair follicle – the structure responsible for new hair growth. It takes several treatments to synchronize your body’s hair growth fully and entirely eliminate hair follicles in a specific region.


Lifestyle, consistency, diet, and exercise are essential factors in obtaining the physique you desire – there is no doubting that.

For many people, though, eliminating small pockets of fat in notoriously stubborn areas, particularly the thighs and buttocks, can be near impossible. For such patients, a simple liposuction session can dramatically reduce the fat in a targeted area, and provide an extra pulse of motivation to continue with a lifestyle that maintains a slim, smooth figure and silky summer legs.


Many women experience what is known as cellulite – excessive dimpling of the thigh and buttocks. While it is purely an aesthetic concern, it is a source of stress for many, and in most cases, cellulite is unresponsive to dieting and exercise.

Coolsculpting offers a practical, time-efficient solution to cellulite. The procedure is also very effective at providing tone and definition to specific regions, providing shapely, smooth legs for the summer attire.

The process involves the use of a highly specialized technology that super-cools the fat cells in the target region and kills the cells. The body then begins to remove the dead cells, resulting in a toned, shapely treatment area. Areas that are particularly responsive to cool sculpting are the thighs and buttocks.

Silky Smooth, Toned Legs in Boca Raton, Florida

Summer is a time for comfortable, breezy, relaxed clothes, and attitudes. To enjoy summer to the maximum, you can look your best by using one or a combination of the above procedures to guarantee you the smoothest, silkiest legs imaginable.

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