Why Fall Is the Best Season to Have Plastic Surgery

Every season has unique benefits for plastic surgery, but fall is the best! With more free time once your kids return to school, you can focus on recovering. When you’re out and about, you can wear loose clothing to stay comfortable as you heal. There are so many reasons to pursue cosmetic procedures in the fall!

At Farber Plastic Surgery, we would love to help encourage your interest in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Farber, a fourth-generation surgeon, will expertly accommodate all your needs so you can get optimal results.

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Why Is Fall the Best Season for Plastic Surgery?

Fall is the perfect time to get cosmetic surgery because it offers many opportunities for recovery that other seasons don’t provide. Autumn weather means windy days that require strategic layering to stay warm. You can more easily hide incisions, surgical drains, and compression garments with loose sweaters, shawls, and other seasonally appropriate clothing as you recuperate. Additionally, the colder weather makes it easier for your body to stay cool, which can help reduce swelling and inflammation that often occurs during the healing process.

Is Recovery Easier in the Fall?

More people prefer to spend time indoors once the weather cools off, giving you more chances to rest at home and avoid social gatherings as you heal. Scheduling your procedure in the autumn also gives you plenty of time to fully heal and show off your stunning results once summer comes back around.

Of course, autumn is also back-to-school time, which should give you extra opportunities to rest and recover. While your children are in school during the day, you can move around less, with extra time to rest and recover from the comfort of your couch or bed. You can also take naps when you feel tired during the day, which is the best way to recover from surgery.

Why Not Wait Until the Spring?

Of course, many people looking to achieve their dream physique consider getting procedures like a Brazilian butt lift, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, or mommy makeover in the spring. However, it’s essential to factor in the healing time necessary for these surgeries. For instance, recovering from a full tummy tuck typically takes about six weeks, and a Brazilian butt lift follows a similar timeline, with additional activity restrictions around putting pressure on your buttocks.

In the spring and summer, you want to get active and enjoy the beautiful Florida sunshine – not stay indoors focusing on your healing process. That’s why we suggest waiting until the fall to schedule your dream procedure. You’ll have plenty of time to rest, stay indoors, and look forward to unveiling your beautiful results once the warmer weather returns.

Make the Call for the Fall

Get the results you deserve by being strategic about scheduling your plastic surgery. Schedule your consultation to make this fall special. With Farber Plastic Surgery, you can achieve the look you need to feel confident and at your best.

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