Top 10 Plastic Surgery Tips

  1. Botox can brighten your eyes! Botox is known as a great wrinkle reducer for wrinkles above the eyes, crow’s feet, and glabella (the “eleven lines”). Dr. Farber, as an expert injector, also uses Botox treatment of the forehead to help raise droopy eyelids. This treatment can improve overall appearance and brightness of the face, giving you a more alert and revived look.
  2. Good skincare can take years off your appearance! Good skin care should be an essential part of every adult’s daily routine. However, many people do not know what to look for. The key to good skin care is prescription-strength anti-aging ingredients such as retinols and skin brighteners. Why are these ingredients so important? Because sun spots, uneven skin tone, and dead, dull skin add years onto our appearance. Retinols and skin brighteners work to even out skin tone and get rid of dead, dull skin to bring out fresh dewy skin. Good skin care can make you look 5-10 years younger.
  3. Facial fillers can turn your frown upside down! One sign of facial aging is the down-turning of the corners of your mouth. This can result in a resting “unhappy” appearance…despite your mood.  Dr. Farber, as a facial expert, is able to use facial fillers to erase the down-turned, “unhappy”, mouth and return it to its more youthful, appearance, using fillers such as Juvederm® and Restylane® in the corners of the mouth can return your mouth to a gentle up-turned look, making you look younger and happier.
  4. Volume, volume, volume!  Sunken and hollowness of the face are results of aging. Using products such as Voluma® in the mid-face allows you to regain your youthful appearance as well as improving lower face jowling and sagging.
  5. Your hands give away your age.  FDA- approval of fillers in the hands, such as Radiesse®, now allows us to mask signs of aging in non-facial areas, such as the hands. Veins and thinning skin of the hands often show our age, however fillers can be used to minimize these signs of aging and improve the youthful look of hands.
  6. You don’t need to hide your double chin anymore! Kybella is the latest and most advanced way of treating your double chin…without needing surgery. Kybella treatment involves a series of injections into the area under the chin that dissolve the fat cells.  The best part is that it is an in-office treatment session with no downtime.
  7. Get rid of unsightly moles and other skin lesions quickly! Unwanted moles and other skin lesions can be removed in the office in a same-day procedure. Mole removal is an easy and quick procedure that Dr. Farber performs in our state-of-the art facility.
  8. Laser away blemishes! You can remove brown spots, discolored scars, and other skin issues with quick laser treatments. Everything from brown spots to tattoos can be treated in the office quickly and effectively. Lasers are often a great option for getting rid of unwanted blemishes on the skin.
  9. Expert ear piercing is only a phone call away. Whether your child is getting their first pair of earrings or you want to re-pierce a repaired earlobe, having an expert perform your ear piercing will increase the safety of the procedure as well as your happiness with the result.
  10. Don’t be embarrassed by your ears! Heavy earrings and various types of piercing can leave earlobes stretched and unsightly. Torn earlobes, stretched earlobes, and other earlobe deformities can be repaired in our state-of-the art facility in a same-day procedure.

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