Should You Add Liposuction To Your Tummy Tuck?

With over 130,000 tummy tucks performed each year, the tummy tuck is amongst the five most popular cosmetic procedures in the U.S.

With the capacity to address both aesthetic and medical issues, there is good reason that the tummy tuck is so popular.

By reducing the amount of skin around the lower abdominal region, the tummy tuck provides a more pleasing aesthetic, while providing an increased amount of support to the abdominal organs, core, and lower back.

At his premium plastic surgery clinic in Boca Raton, Dr Farber is frequently asked about procedures that can be performed alongside the tummy tuck to improve the results, and one of the most commonly asked questions is “should I add liposuction to my tummy tuck treatment?”

The answer depends entirely on the patient and the reasons compelling them to undergo tummy tuck surgery. Here, we discuss the different reasons patients choose to undergo a tummy tuck, and when liposuction is a beneficial addition to the process.

Why do people get a tummy tuck?

People can choose to undergo a tummy tuck for two reasons – medical or aesthetic.

Medical Tummy Tuck

Common medical reasons for getting a tummy tuck include;

  • Stomach herniation
  • Lack of structural support to the lower spine causing back pain
  • Poor posture
  • Lack of support to the abdominal organs causing incontinence

While it is certainly possible to perform liposuction in these instances, the patient may not wish for the added service as aesthetics is not the reason compelling them to opt for a tummy tuck. Nonetheless, many patients undergoing a medical tummy tuck often chose liposuction as well, sometimes as a way to congratulate themselves on taking the necessary steps towards leading a healthier life.

Aesthetic Tummy Tuck

More frequently, there are aesthetic reasons compelling patients to choose the tummy tuck option. In such cases, adding liposuction to the procedure is almost always a good idea, as it will significantly improve the aesthetic results.

The tummy tuck can excise excess skin after significant weight loss or post-pregnancy. In fact, liposuction combined with a tummy tuck are the two fundamental procedures of a mommy makeover.

In such instances, removing excess fatty tissue with liposuction complements the tummy tuck, by accentuating the patients’ newly defined curves and waistline.

Whether you’re considering a tummy tuck for medical or aesthetic reasons, adding liposuction to the procedure is undoubtedly an option that will improve the results of your procedure. If you remain unsure whether or not you should do liposuction at the same time as a tummy tuck, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr. Farber and ask for a personal, confidential consultation.

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