Phibrows Microblading

PhiBrows Microblading in Boca Raton at Farber Plastic Surgery

What Is PhiBrows Mircroblading?

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent tattooing that creates natural looking eyebrows. PhiBrows is the most prestigious microblading technique in the industry, known for producing remarkably natural, beautiful, and long-lasting results. PhiBrows artists are required to pass an extensive training program before they can administer treatment, which ensures that all PhiBrows providers are thoroughly qualified and skilled.

Is PhiBrows Microblading Right for Me?

PhiBrows microblading is proven to be a safe and effective solution for patients who desire thicker, fuller, or darker eyebrows. It is safe for all ages and skin types, and can be a great solution for patients who are looking to achieve a specific eyebrow aesthetic in a single treatment.

Meet Dr. Farber

Dr. Scott Farber is a fourth-generation physician, and practices as an aesthetic surgeon in Boca Raton, Florida. Having trained and honed his skills at some of the nations’ most prestigious institutions, he is a sought-after surgeon. He aesthetic eye and medical expertise allow him develops personalized treatment plans together with his patients.

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What Happens During a PhiBrows Microblading Treatment?

To begin the PhiBrows microblading treatment, the eyebrow shape is drawn on to ensure that hair strokes are drawn in the right place. This drawing is perfectly measured to complement the shape and size of your face. Next, using a pigment that best suits your skin and eyebrow color, strokes are placed one at a time to create the individual eyebrow hairs. This is done using a precise, tiny blade to mimic the fineness of natural hair. This process can cause some discomfort, although we offer a topical anesthetic to all patients to ensure that they are comfortable throughout their treatment. A PhiBrows microblading session can take between one to two hours.

What Happens After a PhiBrows Microblading Treatment?

After your PhiBrows microblading treatment, the skin will go through a healing process that lasts a few weeks. During this time, the color and appearance of your eyebrows may fluctuate and your skin may look dry or flaky. After approximately four weeks, the full results from treatment should be visible, revealing full, dark, natural looking eyebrows. It is important to keep the eyebrows protected from water, sweat, or any other irritants during the recovery period.

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