Liposuction for Fat Loss: A Permanent Solution to a Pesky Problem

Cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery have a ton of positives in their respective corners. From natural enhancement and beautification to the ability to restore the luster you may have lost to time and injury, both afford you the opportunity to more closely reflect, through your external features, the wondrous complexities that you carry within. Some procedures, however, are imbued with a sort of undue stigma: that cosmetic surgery is often impermanent. And while, yes, some cosmetic enhancement procedures do require repeated treatment – such as Botox and other such dermal filler injections – there are a host that will provide you a long-lasting solution to an otherwise frustrating physical problem.

Liposuction and Body Contouring Stand the Test of Time

Liposuction, as you may know, involves the physical removal of fat from problem areas, and it can be performed just about anywhere on your body. Your breasts, neck, thighs, love handles, tummies, arms, buttocks, and a host of others are all very good candidates for liposuction treatment. Of late, however, there has been extensive – and unsettling – talk of fat returning post-liposuction despite science to the contrary, so we’re here to shed some light on the debate.

Because liposuction actually removes fat cells from a chosen area, fat will not return post-liposuction.

This is how it works: fat cells, if left intact, are forever; that is, though they do expand and contract depending on fluctuations in weight, no matter how hard you try, they are always with you. This is what makes liposuction all the more extraordinary. Because fat isn’t left to stick around, it quite obviously cannot expand or contract any longer. Reaffirming this, a recent study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery found that “Removal of excess fat cells by liposuction and abdominoplasty provides a long-term reduction in treated areas. Measurements do not support the concept of fat reaccumulation in treated or untreated areas of the body.”

So, if you are looking for a long-lasting solution to those pesky fat deposits in your arms, legs, tummies, love handles, and breasts, look no further than liposuction in meeting your body contouring needs, and if you feel it suits your specific needs, feel free to contact our South Florida cosmetic surgery center in Boca Raton.

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