How to Achieve Your Best Post-Surgery Results

Your Best Results Start with Your consultation at Farber Plastic Surgery

Your consultation with Dr. Farber about your upcoming surgery is a great time to address all pre- and post-surgery questions. At the time of your consultation, we encourage you to come prepared and take this time to ask all questions and address any concerns you may have about your surgical procedure. Dr. Farber will have a thorough discussion with you on what to expect in terms of expectations and recovery. This will allow you to plan for any accommodations you may need prior to surgery.

Make Sure to Stick to the Plan

Once you have picked a date for Dr. Farber to perform your procedure, you will have a pre-operative appointment to go over surgery details. Disclosing your medical history with Dr. Farber is vital to your safety, so take this time to be sure your doctor is aware of your medications, allergies, and previous surgeries/procedures. During your pre-operative appointment, Dr. Farber explains the necessary precautions and steps to take for a fast and easy recovery. Instructions given differ per procedure. Whether you are required to take any medications, stay out of direct sunlight, use antibiotic ointment, apply scar treatment, it is important to follow instructions to achieve the best aesthetic outcome.  

Give Your Body the Break It Needs

Every surgical procedure in plastic surgery is accompanied by its own recovery period. Minor procedures may only require a few days of recovery whereas other more complex procedures may take several weeks to fully recover from. Every small step matters and giving your body time to completely heal allows for minimal post-op complications while giving you the best, longest-lasting results.

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