How Social Media Influences Plastic Surgery Trends

You can’t escape the selfie or those perfect family photos that constantly get posted to social media. Then, you know full well your professional profile picture on career-oriented sites like LinkedIn should show a broad, welcoming smile, an absence of distracting flaws, and a vibrant, approachable appearance.

Posting photos to your social media pages isn’t only a fun way to highlight all the things you’re doing. It’s likely dramatically increased your awareness of your appearance and how you’re aging. Those selfies help us notice those wrinkles around our eyes, turkey neck, less-than-flattering jawline, and lack of a beach body. Pressure to look better online has moved many people to seek cosmetic procedures.

Not About Celebrities Anymore

Instagram filters, available through smartphone apps, have also launched a cosmetic surgery trend. Some people hope to have cosmetic surgery to replicate a look they achieved by using a favorite filter with a selfie. Instead of bringing in a celebrity shot to show as an example, some patients share their Instagram images with their plastic surgeon when seeking a desired surgery outcome. Through the pictures they share on social media, patients have become hyper-aware of what they would like to change about their appearance.

What Are the Social Media-Influenced Plastic Surgery Procedures in Boca Raton, FL?

The selfie craze has caused an uptick in people seeking these plastic surgery procedures:

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Hair transplants
  • Eyelid surgery

Even the demand for the old favorites is not slowing down:

  • Fat grafting
  • Natural lip augmentation
  • Breast augmentation
  • Male plastic surgery

Each of these procedures and many others can provide a rejuvenated appearance and address very specific cosmetic concerns.

What’s more, there has been an increase in interest in non-surgical options like:

  • Non-surgical buttock augmentation
  • Firming skin care
  • Cheekbone enhancement
  • Jawline contouring
  • Non-invasive fat reduction treatments
  • Body contouring
  • Facial slimming

To learn about the short- and long-term effects of a planned cosmetic procedure, make an appointment to see Dr. Farber by calling (561) 503-2700 or filling out our online form. Not only is Dr. Farber a board-certified plastic surgeon, but he’s also fellowship-trained in aesthetic plastic surgery of the face, breast, and body.

Before you know it, we’ll have you on your way to getting the rejuvenated appearance you will be proud to show off on all your social media feeds!