How Internal Bra Mesh Helps Breast Lifts Last Longer

Each year, many women seek breast enhancement procedures because of breast ptosis, a.k.a. sagging breasts. This problem may result from pregnancy, breastfeeding, significant weight fluctuations, hormones, and more.

When dealing with the changes time and gravity bring to a woman’s breasts, it’s essential to understand that surgical results won’t last forever. The breasts will eventually lose elevation after years, especially when breast skin has become lax due to gravity, aging, and other previously mentioned factors.

So, how can you extend the surgical benefits of a breast lift? One option is to have your surgeon insert the FDA-approved mesh material that acts like pushup bras.

Internal Bra Mesh

Think of internal bra mesh as a scaffold that provides soft tissue support with proven success for breast lift and breast reduction patients. The biologically derived mesh that Dr. Faber uses to create internal platforms foster truly remarkable results for many breast enhancement patients.

GalaFLEX Internal Bra

The GalaFLEX mesh is constructed from a polymer that, like absorbable stitches, breaks down into carbon dioxide and water. While the mesh dissolves, elastin and collagen enter into the scaffold to create a network three to four times stronger than natural tissue to create what amounts to an internal bra.

Strattice Acellular Dermal (ACD) Matrix

ACD matrix is similar to GalaFLEX, but it doesn’t break down. Also, Strattice is biologic. After being inserted into the chest wall, the matrix will gradually incorporate with adjacent breast tissue for permanent support.

These mesh advancements help traditional lifts last longer and maintain upper pole fullness.

Groundbreaking Breast Enhancement

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Farber employs this revolutionary technique with breast lift patients. He will insert the oval-shaped mesh structure into the lower breast area, then suspend it near the breastbone to the chest wall. The mesh will prompt the body to grow connective tissue and create an additional layer of breast support.

High Patient Satisfaction

The internal bra mesh technique achieves natural, long-lasting benefits by overcoming life factors that damage breast elevation to achieve optimal results and delight our patients. These influences include aging, weight loss or gain, pregnancy, and nursing.

Although Dr. Farber removes damaged skin and tissue to tighten things up, this doesn’t restore skin elasticity. So, to compensate, he has introduced internal bra mesh to Boca Rotan. This is the answer women who struggle with breast ptosis have been waiting for.

Another benefit is the procedure should help with scarring. When the breast has better support, there is less stress on the incision, which reduces pulling and stretching and helps the healing process. As a result, scars become thinner and fade quicker.

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