Host a Botox Party for You and Your Friends

Best way to get ready for Fall…Throw a Botox Party the Right Way!

The hottest trend in beauty is still scorching hot-Botox! Want to refresh your look for the holidays and have a great time in the process? A Botox party may be just what the doctor ordered. Erase that scowl, wipe away those lines, and restore your smile and youth to what you were always meant to have. A Botox Party involves inviting 5 or more friends to receive very special pricing for Botox at a private event hosted by Farber Plastic Surgery. At Farber Plastic Surgery, we ensure that you get the best results while maintaining your privacy and safety.

Botox Parties are reflective of the Tupperware parties of the past. However, it is important to remember that while they are fun and enjoyable, you should always be under the care and supervision of a board-certified plastic surgeon experienced in the latest injectable techniques. Your results are not just dependent on the product but also on the administrator of the product. Dr. Farber is a leading expert in Botox and fillers. His skills have earned him numerous awards and rave reviews by his patients. To schedule your next Botox party, call us at (561) 503-2700.

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