Dr. Farber Featured on Smothered

There is no relationship on Earth quite like that of the bond between mother and daughter. The new and outrageous TLC reality show, sMothered, celebrates this bond, and Dr. Farber has been featured as a consulting plastic surgeon in episode 8.

Dr. Farber helps loving mother-daughter pair Brittani, 20, and Mary, 55, achieve the physiques they desire, while also celebrating their unique maternal-filial relationship.

Solving Body-Image Issues While Spending Quality Mother-Daughter Time

In episode 8 of TLC’s sMothered, Brittani and Mary are both looking to address the different issues they have with their bodies. As the pair searches for a solution to their worries, it becomes evident that moms and daughters can even create lifelong memories and spend quality time together while deciding which plastic surgeon can provide the best results.

With both mother and daughter having different body-image concerns, they turn to Dr. Farber to hear his expert advice on how they can best achieve their desired results.

Brittani has recently lost upwards of 85 pounds – a feat to be celebrated in itself. However, as with most weight-loss scenarios of this nature, Brittani has a large proportion of stretched skin surrounding her stomach. Dr. Farber consults both mom and daughter at the same time, recommending a tummy tuck and liposuction procedure for Brittani, which will excise the excess skin around her abdomen and make her look “tight, tight, tight!”.

On the other hand, Mary is looking to simultaneously enhance the size of her breasts while lifting them higher on her chest. Dr. Farber expertly recommends a breast lift procedure, along with a well-informed choice on implant size and breast augmentation.

One of Brittani and Mary’s main goals is to form memories and spend quality time together. Dr. Farber helps them achieve this by hearing their request to perform both their procedures on the same day, so the pair can be in recovery at the clinic at the same time, go home together, and be there to support one another during the healing phase of their procedures.

By being open with one another and discussing their worries and concerns, Brittani and Mary confide in each other and deepen their mother-daughter bond.

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Witnessing special relationships and helping them grow deeper is one of the unique joys that Dr. Farber takes in his practice. If you or a loved one are considering plastic surgery, it is always helpful to openly discuss the reasons driving your choice with a loved one.

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