Breast Reduction Surgery: Relief From Physical and Emotional Stress

Large breasts that are disproportionate to the rest of a woman’s body are often the source of great stress, causing a woman to experience both physical and emotional pain. Breast reduction surgery is a great way for a woman to alter her appearance and solve many physical challenges that come with having excessively large breasts.

Why Choose a Breast Reduction?

You may choose breast reduction surgery in order to change not only the size of your breasts, but their weight, firmness, and shape as well. The daily pull of oversized breasts may cause shoulder pain due to demanding bra straps. Additionally, heavy breasts can cause irritation to the skin and problems with proper posture. This procedure may provide relief from back, neck, and shoulder pain, as well as freedom from the emotional weight of having an imbalanced natural aesthetic.

What to expect after surgeryDr. Farber specialized in a “short scar” breast reduction technique that achieves a more aestheticly appealing result than that achieved with traditional breast reduction surgery. This advanced technique creates a perkier overall appearance to the breast all while leaving shorter scars than the traditional “anchor scar” approach.

Benefits After a Breast Reduction

Women are often very satisfied as well as relieved after having cosmetic breast reduction surgery.  Breasts are firmer, lighter, smaller and most importantly, more evenly proportioned. The pain and discomfort from large breasts has been alleviated. Limitations that large, heavy breasts once placed on participation in sports or other activities are now gone. Physical activities that were once painful or awkward are now easy and enjoyable. Suddenly clothes fit better, and the overall appearance of the body is better proportioned. This directly affects a woman’s self-esteem, especially when looking in the mirror

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