5 Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips

Breast augmentation remains the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the U.S. With over 320,000 breast augmentation procedures done annually, an expanding number of women are enjoying the pleasing aesthetic results that the surgery offers. 

However, there is a recovery phase after the procedure is completed, as with any surgery. Follow these five breast augmentation recovery tips to enjoy a smooth, stress-free recovery that offers the best results possible from your breast augmentation. 

Keep Your Incisions Dry

Your body’s process for healing wounds and incisions, such as those made during breast augmentation surgery, involves coagulating blood over the wound to form a protective scab. This scab acts as a barrier between the outer world and inside your body. Under the scab, your body begins to reform the tissue and connective cells that seal the incision.

The first five to seven days after your operation is a critical period of healing time as the protective scab forms and hardens. The faster this can happen, the sooner your body can begin to close and fully heal the incisions. By keeping your incisions dry, you encourage rapid scab formation and hardening, which creates the right internal environment suitable for your body to begin healing. 

If you get the scab wet during this time, it can either fall off or need more attention from your body to harden again. This not only prolongs the healing process but also leads to increased scarring. 

Wear Compression Garments and Protective Bras

To support the breasts and new implants during recovery, your surgeon will issue compression garments for you to wear in the weeks following surgery. 

These garments aim to keep the breasts from moving excessively during healing and prevent the implant from dislodging or the sutures from opening. They should be worn day and night for at least six weeks after surgery. 

Don’t Smoke

Nicotine is a serious vasoconstrictor, meaning it constricts blood flow through your blood vessels and inhibits circulation. 

Circulation is critical for wound healing. By inhibiting blood flow with smoking, you will severely impair the healing process. Stop smoking six weeks before and after surgery at a minimum.

Clean According to Instructions 

It is essential that you follow your doctor’s cleaning instructions and schedule to a T. 

Keeping your incisions as clean and dry as possible can be tricky, but clean wounds won’t get infected. Follow your surgeon’s advice for the prescribed amount of washing time to avoid any unnecessary healing complications. 

Book One, Ideally Two, Weeks Off Work

Recovering from breast augmentation is best done in the comfort and relaxation of your own home. 

Depending on your job, whether it is active or administrative, you will want to take seven to fourteen days of rest to allow your body to heal properly. 

Recovering from breast augmentation should be a calming, relaxing period of YOU time. Plan to pick up those books you’ve wanted to read, catch up on that Netflix series, and enjoy some delicious pre-prepared comfort food as your body adapts to your newly improved breasts.

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