4 Big Benefits of Small Breast Implants

The age-old idiom “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” couldn’t be more relevant than in today’s beauty and fashion industry. 

People’s ideals and standards are continuously changing, as we can observe in a trend among women seeking smaller breast implants in their breast augmentation procedures. 

Over the past three decades, breast aesthetic preferences have gone from the voluptuous likes of Pamela Anderson, and slowly but surely decreased in size. There are several reasons behind this trend in downsizing breast implants, many of which relate to the benefits associated with smaller breast implants compared to larger implants. 

Here, Dr. Scott Farber of Farber Plastic Surgery reviews four of the most significant benefits that come with having smaller breast implants.  

  • Active lifestyles
  • Natural-looking results
  • Safety
  • Sustainability

Active Lifestyles

One modern trend in the beauty industry is the move toward a less voluptuous, lean, athletic physique. This movement could be a product of the increasing number of women enjoying active, sporty lifestyles, or could reflect women engaging in more strenuous workout regimens such as Bootcamp and CrossFit to achieve such a physique. 

Whatever the reason for driving this tendency, leading an active lifestyle with disproportionately large breasts can be uncomfortable, if not downright painful and unpleasant.

With the increasing popularity of activities such as HIIT, sprinting, and calisthenics, large breasts are not only a hindrance, but they can also cause unwanted and unnecessary stress on your posterior chain, posture, and shoulders. 

With smaller breast implants, you can still achieve the desired curves and fullness you want in your bust, without having to endure the inconvenience and discomfort associated with larger breasts. 

Natural-Looking Results

Being comfortable with and proud of your breasts undoubtedly contributes to a firm sense of self-confidence and personal physical appeal.  

However, having a physique that has blatantly had work done is well outdated – beauty standards increasingly demand a more subtle aesthetic, one in which it is hard to tell whether someone has attained their look through surgery.

Unrealistically large breast implants cannot help you achieve that goal. Indeed, appealing breasts are not necessarily large, but shapely and well-positioned on the chest. 

Small implants can help achieve breasts that sit in a more youthful position, higher on the chest. They can help reposition the areola and nipple in a more straightforward setting and can provide subtle amounts of volume to fill out the breast. 


There have been plenty of complications associated with breast implants that are too large for a women’s frame. 

Back and neck issues, poor posture, shoulder pain, sagging breasts, increased scarring, loss of sensation, and skin thinning are the most commonly cited issues of women who had poor guidance in choosing their breast plants according to their body type.  

While breast implant revision surgery can fix some of these issues, such as repositioning the breasts higher on the chest to reduce sagging and stretching, opting for smaller, more subtle breasts can avoid most of these complications entirely.


Traditionally, women who opted for larger breast implants in their youth have often had to address the changes in their lives with breast reduction surgery. As we age, everybody’s ambitions and desires change, and in many cases, our physical appearance can reflect our personal or professional goals. 

Women wanting to advance their careers may find themselves changing the way they approach their appearance in their 30s compared to their 20s, and likewise in their 40s and 50s. A slightly more conservative approach to body aesthetics generally happens are we age, and by opting for smaller, more subtle breast implants in your youth, you can avoid potentially stressful and pricey revision surgeries further down the track. 

With this in mind, Dr. Farber always asks his patients, “Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What about 20?” If you consider these questions, you can perhaps find your way to choosing a smaller implant size that still provides stunning aesthetics, but doesn’t have the associated complications and lifestyle implications that larger implants bring.  

Getting proper guidance and counseling from your plastic surgeon before committing to any procedure is the most effective way of ensuring satisfaction with the process. A confident, honest, experienced, and certified plastic surgeon will have full transparency with their patients and have their best interests at heart when recommending any procedure. 

At Farber Plastic Surgery, you can rest assured this is exactly what you will receive. If you are considering breast augmentation in the Boca Raton area, don’t hesitate to call (561) 503-2700 or fill out our online form to arrange your personal one-on-one consultation.

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