10 Steps to Prepare for Liposuction

Are you getting a liposuction or high definition liposuction procedure soon? We want you to have the best possible experience while preparing for liposuction. Our team at Farber Plastic Surgery ensembled this list with ten tips to ensure treatment success and a comfortable recovery time:

#1 – Manage Your Expectations

The most important aspect is to understand the limitations of this procedure and to have a clear idea of the results you will obtain. This procedure will not make you lose weight. Liposuction only eliminates stubborn, localized fat pockets.

#2 – Talk About Your Medical History

Some medical conditions might affect the procedure and recovery, so it’s crucial to be honest during the consultation and mention if you have any health problems. Dr. Farber will evaluate if you are still a suitable candidate or consider any particular indication to make the procedure viable.

#3 – Ask Questions

You shouldn’t have doubts when you enter the OR. Undergoing surgery is stressful per se, and all this tension has a negative effect on your body. The only way to be calm before the procedure is to be 100% certain about what will happen while you are under sedation.

#4 – Cut Down as Much Weight as Possible Before Surgery

As mentioned above, liposuction isn’t a weight surgery, so it is advisable to be as fit and healthy as possible before surgery. You can be turned away if your body mass index (BMI) is too high, as much of that weight could only be lost through diet and exercise.

#5 – Drink Plenty of Water

You will lose plenty of fluids during the procedure, so it is essential to stay hydrated before and after liposuction. Dehydration can interfere with the healing process of soft tissues and affect the final results.

#6 – Quit Smoking

Cigarettes and any type of tobacco also interfere with the healing process, as it has a detrimental effect on your blood circulation. Your tissues need the oxygen and cells circulating in your blood torrent to repair themselves.

#7 – Follow a Healthy Diet

A balanced nutritional plan can also help you prepare your skin for the procedure. Include as many vitamins, lean proteins, and nutrients as possible, and avoid alcohol, or any foods or drinks, that can cause dehydration or inflammation.

#8 – Arrange for Somebody to Take Care of You

After surgery, you will need somebody to drive you home and keep you company during the first 24 hours. You will stay in bed the first day, so having somebody by your side is essential.

#9 – Schedule Time Off

Liposuction won’t keep you in bed for weeks, but you must take some time off from work and social activities. Any surgical procedure puts your body under a lot of stress, so you must give it some time to recover and heal from the intervention.

#10 – Get Prepared

Consider that your movements will be restricted for some time, so think about what you may need to have at hand during recovery time. Try to get ready before the procedure by stocking your fridge, getting your medications, buying a few books, and choosing a new Netflix show!

Liposuction in Boca Raton & Palm Beach, FL.

Understanding these recommendations help patients get the best possible treatment and results. If you have any questions regarding the procedure or aftercare and want to see Dr. Farber, please contact us online or call (561) 503-2700 today.

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