How Long Does It Typically Take to Recover from a Brazilian Butt Lift?

For many people, the waistline and buttocks are a particularly important aspect of their physique. A Brazilian butt lift is one of the most effective procedures at achieving this coveted appearance. Each year, over 5,000 Americans opt for a Brazilian butt lift, an increase of over 250% since the year 2000. With the steadily growing… Read More »

Breast Reduction: What to Expect

Women choose to undergo a breast reduction generally for one of two reasons – aesthetic goals or medical complications caused by overly large breasts. Each year, over 100,000 American women opt to make their breasts smaller. Approximately 40,000 of these procedures are aesthetic in nature, and the remaining 60,000+ stem from medical issues such as… Read More »

How Social Media Influences Plastic Surgery Trends

You can’t escape the selfie or those perfect family photos that constantly get posted to social media. Then, you know full well your professional profile picture on career-oriented sites like LinkedIn should show a broad, welcoming smile, an absence of distracting flaws, and a vibrant, approachable appearance. Posting photos to your social media pages isn’t… Read More »

Freezing Fat Away Sounds Too Good to Be True, 5 Ways to Know If CoolSculpting Is Right for You!

Freezing fat to have your body naturally remove it— sounds like something from a future cryogenic laboratory. But CoolSculpting, a non-surgical form of Liposuction, does just that. Using a handheld device, specialist aesthetic surgeons such as Dr. Scott Farber can target highly specific body fat regions to super-freeze and destroy fat cells. Once these fat cells are… Read More »

Dr. Farber Featured on Smothered

There is no relationship on Earth quite like that of the bond between mother and daughter. The new and outrageous TLC reality show, sMothered, celebrates this bond, and Dr. Farber has been featured as a consulting plastic surgeon in episode 8. Dr. Farber helps loving mother-daughter pair Brittani, 20, and Mary, 55, achieve the physiques… Read More »